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ea310e No.26662

Let's have fun /pol/

Let's imagine that whites have been taken off world to another planet by daddy Hitler leaving all nonwhites back on earth.

>Half of the black population starves to death without foreign aid.

>Africa is mostly unchanged outside that

>Jews are able to force arabs into europe now that it is empty and create greater israel

>Sandniggers use European nuclear stockpiles on each other and kikes leaving the middle east and israel glowing

>Remaining jews try to subvert the Asian countries such as Japan and Korea

>They fail and get rounded up and there is no pathological altruism to save them

>Remaining arabs try to colonize the Americas but are soon locked into a war of attrition with the native Indians.

>World becomes a war torn nightmare.

>White privilege realized.

8f35e6 No.26688

>Jews get gang raped by Muslims without there white attack dogs

>chinks slowly colonize north America and end up in many wars with the native spic population

>Europe taken by Russia as Slavs arnt white

>nothing actually changes just whites replaced with gooks and Slavs

a39e41 No.26690

>America becomes shithole of blacks, spics, sand niggers, and chinks.

>They all combine (through race mixing) to form one super shit race

>Canada becomes desolate waistland (aside from maybe Vancouver)

>Mexico takes over Texas, nigger-America couldn't give less of a shit

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