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Certainly the promise of Allah is true. Let not then this present life deceive you.


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Welcome all who believe!

File: 1461034606818.jpeg (24.31 KB, 211x211, 1:1, 1453845640480.jpeg) ImgOps Google

bc9587 No.24[Reply]

We need to take steps to ensure our privacy. Do not let them pull the "if you've got nothing to hide" card; that's like saying we don't need freedom of speech because "I have nothing to say." I have nothing to hide. I am not a terrorist nor am I interested in helping terrorists, but my emails and such are mine and I refuse to lay down and let the government walk all over my freedoms. So, if they want to exploit me, I'll make them work for it. So should you.

Important Tools:

https://piratebox.cc/openwrt:diy - Make as many of those as you can afford. It's like a private local cloud where information can continue to be shared.





Favorite Linux distributions:

https://tails.boum.org/ - Security anywhere you go on any computer.

http://www.backbox.org/ - I personally use this OS.

https://www.kali.org/ - Offensive defense.

http://www.ubuntu.com/ - The most common and user friendly OS.

https://www.torproject.org/ - Not useful by itself, but should be used in tandem with other things.

If you have any suggestions or tips for computer/online security and privacy, feel free to post it here. This sticky will be pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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1ce0b4 No.562

these are actually really good internet security and privacy resources. keep safe and take care.

File: 1460856724474.jpg (28.46 KB, 465x375, 31:25, 1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

9cb475 No.1[Reply]

Useful Links

If you'd like to suggest links or tips for this sticky, be sure to let me know!

http://sunnah.com/ - The Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

http://quran.com/ - Read and listen to Qur'an online.

http://www.inter-islam.org/Seerah/ - Biography of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

Useful Tips

Obviously from time to time someone will come to this board and they wish to discuss a portion of Qur'an or the life of the Prophet( ) or the tribal practices of certain people(s). There is nothing wrong with questioning and questions should never be shunned. All answers lay within Qur'an.

Taqiyya is the Shi'a practice of concealing one's religion when in a life threatening situation and is unheard of in Sunni fiqh. It is NOT a license to spread misinformation or lie about Islam to non-Believers. Anyone who believes everything you say, regardless of how well sourced, is a lie, then there is nothing you can do. Don't argue with them. Just smile and walk away. They will claim it is taqiyya, even though you did not make it up.

Do not mix truth with falsehood and do not deliberately hide the truth Qur'an 2:42

Note that all Believers - Shi'a, Sunni, Ibadi, Sufi, Druze, Salafi, regardless of masjid affiliation - are welcome on this board. However, Qur'anists (those who reject hadith) and Jihadis (radical Islamists) can go to their own boards.

Remember: You are Allah's ambassador to the world.

Post last edited at

File: 1495745091732.jpg (77.39 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 11222415_108215779519575_5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

c3d4d1 No.581[Reply]

I'm really God. I have evidence. Do you have questions?

File: 1492321559488.jpg (69.14 KB, 775x553, 775:553, 15195709.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

e3afed No.579[Reply]

Did the sahabas joke/mess around with each other? And where did they draw the line. Were sexual innuendos okay?

347137 No.580

Some have great senses of humor and fun while others say that even smiling is haram. Look it up.

File: 1482475437307.jpg (261.39 KB, 549x384, 183:128, Queer-muslimWEB.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fe6cc4 No.524[Reply]

Hello /Islam/

I have a few questions but first and foremost, I would like to let it be known that I am particularly right wing and nationalistic in my political beliefs, I am not against Islam, I just want it to stay in it's 'homeland' if that makes any sense.

My questions are as follows, what do you all think of the social justice warrior movement that is emerging. The movement is based around gay rights, trans-genders etc.

These people so avidly defend Muslims yet go against nearly all tenants of Islam, they are quite literally diluting Islamic culture with their beliefs much like they have done to the West (albeit at a much slower rate) yet, I see Muslims (particularly women) side with them quite often, why? What has caused this trend?

If these social justice warriors, or 'SJW's' as I call them, are allowed to slowly subvert further into Islam it will end up like the west, a giant degeneracy filled clusterfuck.

My next question is, what do you think of the westernization of Muslim nations, particularly Gulf nations, with things such as McDonalds getting built, rock music, flashy clothing etc.

Thank you for your answers in advance.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

25cabb No.526


>Of course it doesn't make any sense. It makes about as much sense as saying "Christianity should stay in its homeland" or "Odinism should stay in its homeland".

Of course christianity and Odinism shoud stay in its homeland.

85df20 No.528


There are quite a few Western Muslims, such as Daniel Haqiqatjou, Shadee el Masry, and Nabeel Azeez, who are also starting to question the relationship with Muslims and Western Leftists, precisely for the reasons you cited. Islam is not, and will never be, compatible with fag marriage, abortions, and atheism.

It is no coincidence that the majority of apostates from Islam are liberal atheists (judging from twitter and reddit), that is because Muslim youth have become so attached to leftist causes that they leave Islam when they find out Islam contradicts cultural liberalism.

It is mostly the fault of the Western right, who started hating Muslims after 9/11. Muslims used to be staunch Republicans in the US before 9/11, but they made a short sighted pact with the liberals just after 9/11


Obviously OP was against the liberalization (aka "westernization") of Muslim lands. He just wants Muslims out of Western countries, while stopping the spread of degeneracy to the Muslim world, which is not an unreasonable demand for a non-Muslim Westerner to make.

This is the core issue behind Esoteric Buchananism

fe6cc4 No.529


> Islam is not, and will never be, compatible with fag marriage, abortions, and atheism.

I do not blame you, it is a giant degenerate slippery slope, I know where it leads! In my country there are now gay parades, a school program which now teaches about gay sex and how it is 'normal' (which it is most certainly NOT) and all other kinds of liberal trash.

> It is mostly the fault of the Western right, who started hating Muslims after 9/11.

The right has grown to be extremely reactionary, shitting on muslims constantly proved to be a mistake.

> He just wants Muslims out of Western countries, while stopping the spread of degeneracy to the Muslim world

Not so much Muslims out of the West, I don't give a single shit if they stay here, as long as they don't push their beliefs anywhere I am 100 percent fine, and I want to do more than stop degeneracy spreading to the Islamic world, I want it to be ended forever, it is a cancer that will spread across the world, a tidal wave of homosexuality and drugged up retardation which will destroy all cultures and religions. Call me a fear-monger but I have seen it all first hand, you DO NOT want this in Islam, or anywhere to be precise.

e15684 No.574

(Coming from a Muslim) OP I would be cautious with dem muslims. Traditional Islam demands the execution of apostates (based on Sahih Bukhary, you can look it up). If they tell you Islam is ok as it is, they are lying. Islam needs reform. Check out the Quran-only movements and their approach to reforming it.

9480c1 No.578

File: 1492146955935.jpg (9.19 KB, 300x197, 300:197, th.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Hello, Here is a question to address the first two questions you have concerning Islam and the Gay Agenda:

What does Linda Sarsour, Huma Abedin and Council Of Islamic Relations have in common? Hint: See Image.

Based on my research this mystery organization is anything but Muslim. They work hand in hand with liberals (George Soros et al.) to erode the legal and moral fiber of so called western nations (look at Europe). Liberals use the legal system to remove all forms of religion in public sector whilst, using the legal system to assert the rights of so-called Muslims to fill the moral and religious void with their brand of religion.

Westernization (Mickey D's and Co) of Islamic Societies is just as bad as what is transpiring in Europe and America. Westerners (Liberals) and so-called Muslim officials are using economic power in conjunction with state power to undo the legal and moral fiber of nations in and around the Arabian Peninsula.

The end game here and their is to put totalitarian system devoid of religion and morality.

File: 1491435754203.jpg (95.61 KB, 600x742, 300:371, IMG_1663.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google

1ef84b No.575[Reply]

Has anyone here dealt with homosexuality successfully?

I come from a nominally Christian background, but I want to revert. I have lived a degenerate homosexual lifestyle for the last 10 years and I want help. I'm afraid to talk to anyone IRL in the Muslim community because I'm afraid of being judged and ostracized, but I just want help to be normal and have a nice Muslim family with a wife and children.

What should I do????

bce6a1 No.577

File: 1492143558372.jpg (12.44 KB, 178x267, 2:3, th.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Never dealt with homosexuality. But I have dealt with pornography. My advice, go get some to professional counseling. It is safe, useful and confidential. They may have programs to assist you financially. They won't judge you or ostracize you.

NEWS FLASH: You are normal. Degenerate men do not strive to be good husbands and fathers. Degenerate men are not capable of being decent nor do they have the conscience to be decent. If you don't believe me just look up Dr. Kinsey


He will teach you the true meaning of degeneracy. What you are experiencing is common in a corrupted world.

Whilst you are receiving professional help, do read, research, meditate, and practice the Qu' ran as Allah reveals it to you, to the best of your ability. Find a Mosque that adheres to Prophet's Mohammed's teaching in love. Please do not share your struggle with any except you counselor. Most Imams are NOT professional counselors, and thus not apt do deal with deep seated psychological trauma. You do not want anyone sabotaging your healing out of hate, or ignorance.


File: 1463244236422.png (311.34 KB, 595x555, 119:111, peopleofeurope.png) ImgOps Google

51cd85 No.54[Reply]

Dank Muslim memes go here.

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8fcfed No.356

File: 1469243628937-0.jpg (147.17 KB, 1220x616, 305:154, gotta-go-blast.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1469243628937-1.jpg (54.02 KB, 957x487, 957:487, gonna-go-fast.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1469243628937-2.jpg (99.83 KB, 500x522, 250:261, ramadans-over-sonic-you-ca….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

425561 No.357

File: 1469366012838.jpg (407.16 KB, 670x682, 335:341, 1468988091534.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

It was long ago, today is all just about terrorism

ce7500 No.547

File: 1484368547486.png (423.33 KB, 732x322, 366:161, gf.png) ImgOps Google

e30ce4 No.559


>Muslims defending themselves against der Jude

>hurr durr terrorism

7750e8 No.576

File: 1492021595916.jpg (96.85 KB, 745x730, 149:146, 1492021563018.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1463245447226.jpg (80.25 KB, 640x539, 640:539, absolutelyhalal.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

b0c02d No.56[Reply]

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8f8f95 No.531


Nasheeds don't have instrumentals idiot

9fc71e No.556

thats a pic of shekh zayed RIP :(

41dfbc No.568


That's a very good one, still I favor the arabic one:





d94819 No.571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


85910c No.573

Jesus is God. Worship Him.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d9d31d No.61[Reply]

Assalamualaikum brothers what do you think of Indonesian Islam?

16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

8fde48 No.443

Indonesian Muslim???


0f3899 No.447

oh just who try to stop Christianization or anything dat was not acceptable by "syariat islam", goddamnly hate commie, their ulama is goddamnly jew, totaly shit for this nation, BRAINLESS,

happy 9/11

0f3899 No.448

check leftypol, there's a thread about FPI

5f9184 No.563


5f9184 No.564


thanks mate

File: 1491077411071.png (87.19 KB, 400x158, 200:79, eJwFwUsOgyAQANC7sC9jGT7iKb….png) ImgOps Google

de4402 No.560[Reply]


All true muslim brothers and sisters are allowed to join. Please munafiqeen brothers and sisters stay away unless you want to reinforce your iman. Jazakallah Khayran

Ask any questions you want to!

23c6d1 No.561


We don't ask questions. We answer them. This is not a board for LARPers.

File: 1484490448126-0.gif (138.75 KB, 1169x993, 1169:993, forms of manipulation in a….gif) ImgOps Google

File: 1484490448127-1.png (95.27 KB, 1348x526, 674:263, why we have immigration. c….png) ImgOps Google

File: 1484490448127-2.png (52.35 KB, 1317x458, 1317:458, what china is trying to do….png) ImgOps Google

3d585d No.548[Reply]

I have come with a message to my fellow islamanons. I would like to tell you that /biz/ is islams future. If we want to gain influence or return to our former glory, we must have a heavy presence in the show biz, science biz, and all that stuff.

If 8chan has a /biz/, so be it. Go there. But if it doesn't, come down to 0^4+4chan's biz and learn from their ways.

Just don't let them know you're muslim.



3d585d No.549

How to get rich:

"I am going to break the norm by actually posting what you should do, rather than suck dicks and investing in kneepads.

Invest in yourself, which means acquiring knowledge about investing or new skills, either via your own studies, or taking classes at a college/school/university, or both. Having more trade skills contributes to a better life because you are more confident and able to handle more tasks, which translates to better wages and results in more income and investment opportunity.

taking sub 1k dollars and investing it fruitlessly at this point will do very little. Take an additional course that will teach you financial responsibility."

5f11ae No.550


>Just don't let them know you're muslim.

That is unacceptable.

52dd8b No.553


tbh what's the point of letting them know you're muslim? wouldn't they just be in on the whole "muslim conspiracy to take over the world and rebuild khalifa"

5f11ae No.554


Why should we have to hide who we are?

9e4131 No.558


Do you deal in usury?

File: 1485803794206.webm (32.45 MB, 320x240, 4:3, قصيدة صدريه رووووعة حماسي….webm) ImgOps Google

859a03 No.551[Reply]

It would be really cool if an Arabic knower would give me a translation for this song.

096f66 No.552


Man, this board is so slow. I wouldn't wait around. Try the /islam/ board over on 8ch.net

File: 1483246458980.jpg (148.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ff3cd1 No.534[Reply]

can someone prove to me that allah really is true? because i dont see that u guys have really shown any REAL evidence that allah is true. k thx

77a0bc No.535

Read the Quran and become enlightened in the ways. Allah Akbar.

fbf488 No.539


It's not our job to prove anything to you.

Then whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve 18:29

0be124 No.546

File: 1483852361669.png (224.66 KB, 500x313, 500:313, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google

91131a No.543[Reply]

>Music is haram

>But songs are ok if they don't have musical instruments, because it is the instruments that make music, not the actual music

>And yes songs with autotuned voices singing, that sounds exactly like music, doesn't count as music, that is completely halal brother

f797e6 No.544

Being Australian is haram.

File: 1483562782068.jpg (22.54 KB, 480x298, 240:149, C0E2MR_XgAAWoDw.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

ea6365 No.540[Reply]




8be464 No.542

u cancer tard u noob

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