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File: 1487826295451.gif (204.98 KB, 960x540, 16:9, polfrog.gif) ImgOps Google


I'm starting to think a lot of people who fall into alt right or pol tier thinking legitimately have no morals or empathy. They all seem to have such malice in their hearts. It's just depressing to observe.

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They're stuck in an echochamber. The only friends they have are the alt-right sphere and so it's become what they are comfortable with.


I think the problem with offensive channer comedy is that, while for a lot of people it really is just a joke, for others it truly breeds genuine psychopathic worldviews if they discovered the community in their formative years. Or it just attracts people who are already fucked up. Others are just easily influenced and confused.



If you actually read Gulag Archipelago then you should also try reading Kapital with the David Harvey companion.



They are neckbears redirecting their anger towards non-whites in the safety of their basement.

Shit their leader got punched like a bitch. They are harmless.



Having morals doesn't mean you have access to something universal. It means accepting a certain set of premises and others could accept another set of premises or rank them differently, which could result in other conclusions. Having ture empathy is only possible in a very narrow sense. For example "empaphty" with all deers is only possible, if you create a moral system and completly abstract the feeling to the point were it isn't the true empathy you could have for the singel deer you want to kill in order to have something to eat at lunch.

File: 1488220001376.jpg (26.61 KB, 314x448, 157:224, 6a00d8341c464853ef019affb5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


I'm nazi, try to convince me i'm wrong

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>1st world = white

And its not white, racizing everything is the main trickery of capitalism, its about the ruling class's action that we have to stop for common development and peace



So why do you want kill the white race? and kill the tradition?



>why do you want to kill the white race


>and kill the tradition

tradition can survive if it isnt buiilt on harming other people



Kill yourself faggot



Only partly true. The truth is the OHL (Highest Command of the Germany Army) knew they could at minimum wage the war two/threw years, but because of the British embargo, this would mean a harsh time for the population. They knew that they would have to start a full scale war again and get into a better negotation position and get a peace treaty acceptable to the German goverment. But the internal hostile froces like communism steadily grew and they understood that a civil war at home would likley result in a collapse of the front. So they basically except the "backstab" to some extend, because the other option would be a total collapse of the front and Germany getting completly occupyed.

File: 1488241790856.jpg (107.1 KB, 900x675, 4:3, shutterstock_232149235-x90….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Part of me hates identity politics for how divisive it is, but another part of me says "why do cops keep going judge dread on unarmed black people all the time"

please help

File: 1488227280384.jpg (16.41 KB, 352x245, 352:245, socialism-us-hp.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Why can't conservative Cucks name one reason why socialism won't work in modern america?


economic calculation is impossible without market prices

File: 1487187438614.png (13.38 KB, 657x527, 657:527, apu.png) ImgOps Google


>first-world commies decry capitalism on their computers that exist because of capitalism

>while wearing clothes that exist because of capitalism

>while eating food that exists because of capitalism

>in a country that is only prosperous and first-world because of capitalism

Really makes you think.

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>Serfs revolting using the king's gunpowder

>Whilst eating food provided from working their lord's land

Really elapses my synapses


File: 1488170856168.png (10.55 KB, 468x468, 1:1, b8.png) ImgOps Google


>45 million people going hungry while the Pentagon "loses" trillions of dollars

Nice b8 m8, i r8 8/8





you would think they would be posting this from computers made from communism, if it really was such a great system of economics


>internet funded by and created by the big bad gubment


File: 1487191658504.jpg (35.86 KB, 598x591, 598:591, 5a480d6142fb7693d3aa0e3e1d….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Is neo-feminism, SJW-ism, and etc. inherently linked with communism/socialism?

Can you still be far left ideologically if you reject these ideas, and to what degree. Is the new wave of identity politics a natural part of the left, or is it a spectrum of its own?

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File: 1488194463868.jpg (38.92 KB, 584x398, 292:199, CmUAm2VVMAAcqMo.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

OP didn't ask about "feminism" by the dictionary definition but specifically about disagreeing with modern feminism. I think if you actually truly don't want to fight gender discrimination because "muh biotruths, women belong in traditionally feminine fields only" etc that's obviously shitty and contradictory. BUT I'd say you can disagree with a lot of the mainstream modern feminist ideas propagated by the big-name talking-heads and still be a socialist.

A lot of trendy modern social justice thought gives only a cursory glance to the fundamental issues with capitalism and the general unfairness surrounding wage disparity. I've seen "progressives" exhibit some downright conservative "bootstraps" ideas about poverty as long as it concerns "privileged" groups.


I've personally not used it for a long time but it's literally just an insult. Calling someone an idiot has no rhetorical value either.

So yeah in the way OP used it, it's definitely too vague.



Oh and also, as someone who's spent a lot of time in "SJWey" communities I've seen very, very little regard given to poverty as a sociopolitical issue. I've honestly seen far more concerns about that from people who join me in making fun of the trendy identity politics types and modern mainstream feminist "wokeness" than from big-name feminists.


Though I guess in the end it depends on your definition of "SJW". If it's a /pol/ type definition where anyone who believes in gender equality or doesn't operate on "race realism" principles that's retarded, but if you disagree with people like Anita Sarkeesian, the concept that a bunch of black shitheads kidnapping a mentally ill white kid & scalping him is "prejudice, but not racism", or people who scream racism if a white person wears a kimono… then no, there's nothing that goes against the principles of socialism.


You can't be a socialist if you reject fighting patriarchal and cishet hierarchy


Depends on what degree you reject that

Socialism will redistribute wealth and work so there wont be any inequality between individuals (male or female)

So a Female can get as much rights as a man, it can be legal rights or biological rights. (the access of contraception etc…)

File: 1485014951057.jpg (106.19 KB, 1024x462, 512:231, 1484907949842m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


hi cucks, get fucked

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You assume that people don't become more conservative over time as their lives become more and more rules by fear of the new.

OP's pic signifies the slow death of rural america and all of our country's people with potential fleeing to urban centers.


>1996 Capitalist lost to a Capitalist

>2016 Capitalist lost to a Capitalist

Why should I care?


we ain't liberals friend, try again


>giving a shit about the US at this point.


>America no longer believes the Clinton neoliberal agenda


File: 1487187315186.png (77.54 KB, 2000x1995, 400:399, 344590-8c2b8b2ca09187afbb4….png) ImgOps Google


Reminder that Communism is fucking gay and doesn't work

Everything government run service is complete shit



P O E ' S L A W

File: 1487816277395.jpg (61.32 KB, 673x673, 1:1, misc-first-world-commie.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


You all decry capitalism while taking advantage of and enjoying its numerous benefits.


You just pictured modern Capitalism in that photo


File: 1487893367407.png (139.65 KB, 500x551, 500:551, thisisyou.png) ImgOps Google

>be me in alternate communist universe

>protest against government

>"ha, if it weren't for communism, you wouldn't have food or cell phones!"


>trading is bad

if some nig is willing to part with his chocolate for money and we agree to trade no one is hurtin nobody.


File: 1487913168531.jpg (15.33 KB, 618x407, 618:407, 618px-JeanLucPicardFacepal….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Alright. Explain the "benefits" of capitalism and the "disadvantages" of socialism in your view so everyone can see how ignorant you are of socio-economic views outside of liberal vs conservative.


>Your iphone is made by capitalism, checkmate gommuinists

The only way to be ethical would be to live in a fucking field and eat berries all day

At least communist are trying to end capitalism instead of just taking advantage of it and being "well gee I can't speak against capitalism, that'd make me a hypocrite!11212"

File: 1485640143872.jpg (69.64 KB, 1281x720, 427:240, maxresdefault (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


So I work at a really liberal workplace (it is a vegan restaurant/yoga centre).

Anyways that being the case, today i am working with my boss/owner of said establishment who happens to be blaring alex jones when i walk in to the kitchen like its no big deal, which angers me cause like who the fuck wants to listen to alex jones for 4+ hours but said boss sees my discontent and offers me free dinner… anyways my question, should I seize the means of production?

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OP is saying that the workplace is generally liberal but -today- the boss is blaring Alex Jones.


Alex Jones is kind of funny, even if you don't believe any of the ridiculous shit he says. Sometimes, surprisingly, he's even right. Not something I'd want to have blared at me while I'm working though.



A broken clock is right twice a day.


>Should I seize the means of production?

When is the answer ever "no"?


File: 1488177821286.png (161.63 KB, 586x384, 293:192, pjw.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1488214454560.jpg (126.75 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 15972437_10154955705118459….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

The guy put this on his facebook page once

The guy doesn't even know his own fucking ideology

File: 1487835101853.jpg (63.93 KB, 680x606, 340:303, antifa__article.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


They are white evil oppressors?

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heaps of antifa have the opposite opinion too


they don't. this is hasbara






If Israelis are white, so are Palestinians




File: 1487309107003.png (144.68 KB, 1008x350, 72:25, 1487302900494.png) ImgOps Google


Any questions? :^)


File: 1487648277713.png (234.22 KB, 1008x700, 36:25, 1487309107003.png) ImgOps Google

Don't worry anon there will be memes in gulag




>in the same plane as reality

LMAOing @ ur life anon



So, how many more tries until you realise it doesn't work?


File: 1488210241350.png (245.47 KB, 1008x571, 1008:571, nius.png) ImgOps Google



File: 1488108633588.jpg (6.76 KB, 225x225, 1:1, drumpfhitler.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Is he REALLY a N*zi? I'm pretty scared, all my antifa comrades keep telling me (I'm a classical class-conscious liberal gender-marxist) that he will start ending things like Affirmative Action and Planned Parenthood. Are the Republicunts really so dumb they got a Fascist in office?


He's nazi in the way that he will attack other countries for ressources with no counterpart such as immigration

Also friendly reminder nazism is just the consequence of capitalism and colonialism in Europe.

For planned parenthood he just tries to seduce christian institutions, which is pretty hypocrite because his own daughter/wife has access to contraception and abortion.

For the affirmative action, it was a bad idea to begin with. You cant create social justice with begging for it.


>dislikes illegal immigration

Nazi amirite?

This thread is why I'm never coming back here


wtf is a "gender-Marxist"? Isn't this like the height of neo-liberal, revisionist, identitarian nonsense? Lol. There is only one form of Marxism. Your special snowflake, individualism is duly noted though "comrade".

File: 1488181309851.png (22.87 KB, 1371x685, 1371:685, Juche_Party_flag.png) ImgOps Google


What are your thoughts on Juche?

Second, North Korea is fucking awesome.

File: 1488170057721.jpg (7.41 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1488161021006s.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



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