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Address: 800 Richmond St

City: ChathamState/Province: ONPostal Code: N7M 5J5


My dream journal

I will write my dreams here.


It started as me walking in desert alone then after sometime I see an old man sitting on the sand with gandalf beared,he stand up and walk beside me.We walk beside a toliet and we get inside it(both of us) and he start saying "YOU SHALL FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTION AND IF YOU DON'T A GOBLIN WILL COME OUT OF TOILET WHEN THE CLOCK RING" he point at a clock in the bathroom.He start saying stuff like "press the button,twist the knob,play with your balls,hit the toliet…..Wigglewigglewiggle….jump…cry…tear" but I fail the compelete everything he says and a goblin come out of toliet and the old man face turn to monkey face and start yelling.I faint


a teacher come to our guest room and start telling me to move stuff around,and the stuff I have to move are huge stuff.and he is like "HAHAHAHAH" and am all like"crai crai crai"

Dream 3, The maid and the smiling head water pump

It all started in 3rd person view where I was a camera, and I was watching me in a maid dress(I am a dude btw) presenting a water pump.I started to pull the water pump out of the cartoon and HOLY SHIT there was a head of a smiling realistic guy looking at me.Whenever I would touch it's head it would puke water.I kinda grabbed the water pump and put it away and said "Why the fuck they create these things??".Then a man get in the room and we kinda had guy sex where he fingered me, I fucked him,etc,etc,etc,BLACKOUT THEN DREAM 2

Dream 4, The Dragon Feminist

I was walking with a group of white male virgins into a huge cave called "Cave Of Feminism".As we started to get deeper and deeper in the cave we saw picture of men having their gorin area X on it.As we reached the end of the cave there was a huge gigantic dragon(like the one defending treasure in fables).She(the dragon) did a skill called "Summoning of the SJW" where thouPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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dream 26:loli teacher

Had a dream where I was a teacher of a loli and her busty sister came to thank me for "taking good care of my sister" in le seductive manner then I found myself on a dentist chair getting my thigh chopped and getting another person's chopped thigh knit to my skin(it was painless)

dream 27: love with sister

[10/1/16, 7:07:15 AM] : I was sitting on my computer

[10/1/16, 7:07:17 AM] : At night

[10/1/16, 7:07:27 AM] : Finishing some report

[10/1/16, 7:07:36 AM] : Dad told me to hurry up and finish it

[10/1/16, 7:08:16 AM] : It was too long so I almost finished jt near midnight when everyone was asleep

[10/1/16, 7:08:52 AM] : I closed the pc and went outside to get some of the nightly desert breeze

[10/1/16, 7:09:23 AM] : Just as I went outside I saw a black colored car in front of our house

[10/1/16, 7:10:00 AM] : I went inside and saw the pc and TV turned on with detective conan with thunder jet opening them playing together

[10/1/16, 7:10:40 AM] x: :O

[10/1/16, 7:10:46 AM] x: A burglar

[10/1/16, 7:10:53 AM] : My sister woke from her bed to go drink some water

[10/1/16, 7:11:05 AM] : And told me that she wanted to see some tv

[10/1/16, 7:11:11 AM] : And then go back to sleep

[10/1/16, 7:11:49 AM] : I got notification from my phone that said "oddly erotic"

[10/1/16, 7:12:29 AM] x: Oh yeah sometimes text tells me stuff like that too

[10/1/16, 7:12:30 AM] : I was like "wut" and went to bathroom and forgot to lock my bathroom door

[10/1/16, 7:13:11 AM] : I went outside and sat near a corner in my asana like a samurai trying to pray the fap away

[10/1/16, 7:13:44 AM] : My sister enter my room and see my boner and me meditating

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Dream 30: void fap

Dreamed about my Dingus getting hard and fapping furiously in the empty void

Dream 31:zombie brother

had a dream where my brother was electrocuted into a zombie in the military and they created a zombie army

Dream 32:High school Dream

I had a dream where I was in high school with my old friends, going from class to class and did random things, like collection icy balls from teachers and poking a fat kid with stick n stuff like that

Dream 33:Siscest dream

fugged my sister n stuff

Dream 34:spaz man

I also had a dream where I was lying in middle of living room spasing out while my sister was there


Dream 35:Gray Bear

Had a dream where I was sent by my parents to study in a far room in the house when then the electricity went off in a weird manner which caused an air current to be generated everytime I tried to turn on the light.

I dropped my pants and inquired if I am lolicon and would I be able to fap to my niece, I went near a bed and sat on it then I started fapping on the idea of my two nieces sucking my magnum dong furiously.

I rushed to the bathroom to release my Cummies in the bathroom, I tried to turn on the light in the bathroom but a powerful air tornado was generated which blocked me from reaching the toilet because random huge object reached , I forgot about my cummies death griping and probably jizzed somewhere. I was curious about what lied behind the mass of junk that blocked my path(in normal life it would be the tub)

I started CRAWLING under the giant objects only to be teleported through time to another bathroom but with one mysterious extra door, I opened the door only to see a comical cartoonish grey polar bear (le wise and responsible bear) and his brother/friend le innocent goofy white polar bear, they begged me to not tell the house owner about them and that they would do anything for me. I said "okay okay okay".

Both of the bears thanked me then tapped on the door and teleported us to some aztec city with slidy slippery road and almost naked grills. The white bear started sliding and then the grey bear told me that we should follow him and have fun, just as we went down the slide a giant muscular girl deity with multiple arms wearing a mask and carrying swords and shit tried to follow us. Me and the white bear defied physics and slides upward and jumped behind her before she got us while the grey bear slided toward he, transformed into anthromorphic grey warrior bear and fought the girl deity with his spear, he told us "run run away from hella" as he fought her with all his might and we acted like coward and ran away.

Thank you grey bear, grey bear is love grey bear is life.

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Dream #40 girlish moan

Bringing my sufi friend to my home where we chilled, had fun, and drank tea BUT then we went to my room where my friend lied on the bed and I tried to cough but everytime I tried to cough I made small girlish moan ("ahh~♡" kind of moan) I tried again and again but I always made the girlish moan sound. The end? No, I somehow got transferred into another room and my sister argued with me about how incestuous relationship are okay and she agreed with me and I hugged her.

#Intermediate dream ad#

Had a dream where it was an advertisement for some first person rpg retro game inside dungeon and pyramid n shet

Dream #41 helping cute boy and killing evil teacher

I was a different person going with my friend to some high school and once we entered it we saw a cute boy near the ac control box tearing a little and the ac control box letting out a warning sign. My friend tried to comfort the cute boi but the no avail the teacher noticed us and told the whole class that the cute boy was having weird disease and tearing because he tried to fiddle with the ac box. The teacher asked from the whole class if someone wanted to help him and everyone rose their hand and teacher only took me and my friend availed we wrote our name, as I was writing my name and saying my reason why he isn't at fault the principal and another teacher bust into classroom with weird gaze and said "azuuuuuu~●_●" and sunken eyes they threw themselves over me and I got mad and crushed their skeleton and hate fucked their skull.

#Intermediate dream ad#(again)

Had a dream where it was an advertisement for some first person rpg retro game inside dungeon and pyramid n shet

Dream #42 shota tentacle mind control

Had a dream where I was another person(a shota this time), i was laying on bed then rose out fromPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nazis migrate and work for sustaining their small group of friend.

Oil baron offer help for nazis and he want them to do some dirty works for him.

Also dreamt of btr buying an official goat mascot and the goat is living with me and have 24/7 stream link for all to see.


Dreamed I got a pentagonal purple plastic coin in the mail. The coin had the coat of arms of Canada embossed on one side with the other smooth, along with the date it was printed and the monetary value (2 dollars) in small characters. I took it to a stand (think fruit stand on the street) where Alex Jones was giving information for 5 dollars a question. I initially tried to give him the coin in exchange for knowing where it came from, but he refused because the coin was only worth 2 dollars and he was charging 5. I tricked him by taking money out of his collections box and giving it back to him. When I asked him the question, he was frightened by the coin and said I should watch my back and generally refused to give me any information. I took it home in a vehicle, a white SUV if I remember. I was with another person who was driving me, I cannot remember if he was male or female, but he was a friend. On the way home I fondled the coin and thought about it's origins.

My home was a strange place, a squat American style house in a heavily forested area. It had neighboring houses on the same side of the road (a bad gravel road) but opposite and behind were an endless sea of dark trees. It was night when we arrived home, my friend parked the vehicle on the street. The stars were out, shining between the boughs overhead.

Later, a strange van stopped at my home selling toys and ice cream. The driver gave me the creeps and I did not buy anything. I thought about the coin, wondering if he was connected to it. I followed the van to the next house and broke in with the help of my friend who was staying over at my place at the time. Inside the van were many costumes and masks, my friend stole a grey jester costume and I took some ice cream. It was good. The driver was gone, and there was nobody else around. We returned home.

Later a policewoman showed up. She wasn't interested in my heist, she was instead investigating the neighbor on the opposite side of my house to the place the van stopped at. I helped her break into his house, and we crept around while the residents were sleeping looking for evidence of crimes. The cop was under the impression he was running some kind of drug operation. We found none but the cop was sure he had drugs in one of the rooms. We maPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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School Concert

Dreamed about preforming on stage for a school concert. There was loud electronic music, and an Asian girl from my class was singing. I was in charge of the lights and effects, and was running around behind stage fixing stuff and talking to people. After the show was over everyone (including the backstage people) came out and did a little dance segment thing. It was pretty awkward because I can't dance well but everyone in the audience were in good spirits and clapped.

After everyone started packing up to go home my teacher found me, and returned a maths exam to me. Interestingly she was based on a person I know irl, an english professor. I got 23/25 on the math exam and was happy.


Divine Dentistry

Dreamed I was at home when all my teeth became loose and started to fall out. Other than my front two teeth all of them fell out or broke off. It was pretty distressing so I drove off to find a dentist.

I drove through the city, and there were a few other people around and cars. Eventually I reached a big park with towering hedgerows and white stone paths. I got out of my car at some point and went on foot I think. Eventually I reached a big wooden set of doors, with a towering marble statue of an angel before them. I spoke to the statue and it tested me for evil or something and let me pass eventually.

Then I entered a big hall, with a vaulted ceiling and gothic arches and pillars all around. It was quite dark. The floor had a mirrored surface but was made of hard stone. I went forward seeking the "dentist" but awoke before I could get to him.



Also, when my teeth were falling out I collected them in a cloth covered basket and showed people.


'Spess Bihrd

Dreamed I went on a magical quest for a bird (basically a big pigeon) at a friend's behest. He wanted me to conduct a ritual with the bird. I went to a large frozen lake, where there was an old woman sitting on a bench and an old man standing by the edge of the ice. I asked them if they had seen the bird, and the man said no but the woman gave me some kind of puzzle to solve.

I searched and searched but it turned out the old woman who had been giving me directions had it all along in her purse. She gave me the bird; it was an ugly creature and did not attempt to escape from my grasp. It's eyes bulged.

The ritual I was to preform was the rite of the circle mouth or something, where you carve a circle into the bird's face around it's beak (?), killing it. When I returned to my friend he commanded me to seek out a bunch of other reagents I had never heard of, and I started to question why I was doing this. He assured me it was very important for summoning some spirit or other but I refused, and brought the bird back to the old woman. She accepted it and took me to a spaceship where I was given a small personal starfighter the size of a gocart to travel the universe in. It was modular, I could attach stuff like seats or a cargo hold. By default you laid down on it wearing a (comfortable, tight fitting, think red bodysuit with a visored helmet) space suit, and it acted like a sort of sled with a rocket behind you.

Anyways there was another mystic quest of some kind involving the bird which ended up with me being given a robot by her; I had to take the bird to another planet or something. I took the robot with me on my space go cart and flew off, but not before installing some better seating arrangements.

There were other people on the spaceship as well, a young woman who controlled the docking bay type thing for example. She was attractive.


Evil Mansion

Dreamed I was trapped in a giant haunted mansion with a teenaged version of my mother running from spooky ghosts.

The place was very run down, I couldn't see the exterior but inside the wallpaper was peeling in spots and damaged, there was a lot of dust and dirt on the floor. Despite that in some ways it looked to be recently inhabited, there was unrotten food in some of the refrigerators for instance. The building interior had a very dark and gothic motif, lots of dark hardwood walls where there wasn't wallpaper (an ugly beige stuff with little flowers or stars on it), and the colours of the furniture and wall hangings and stuff were predominantly crimson and black.

At first we simply ran in fear from the voices and apparitions, but as we got deeper into the house they started to ease off a bit and we began to encounter the puzzles. Strange architecture, puzzles involving light switches, giant rooms, hallways that looped into themselves… the place was a madhouse.

The first puzzle I remember was a giant room, like a sort of tea room I suppose, where everything was scaled up by x2. I entered the room through a door which led to a white marble countertop which circled the whole of the room. In the centre of the room was a deep black void, impenetrable to the eye. There were two giant refrigerators set into the countertops, and a dozen odd giant light switches around on the walls. The room was pitch dark at first, each light switch only turned on one bank of lights in a random location, revealing a little more of the room and often other switches.

While hunting for switches in the dark I opened up the fridges with great effort. The lower portions of the fridges contained little but the freezers up top held a large amount of sweets. Ice cream, cakes, swiss rolls, you name it. They were all perfectly fresh, just needed to be thawed a little.

Eventually I turned on all the lights and the room was illuminated enough that I could see that there was not in fact a deep black void in the centre of the room, but rather a clustering of midnight blaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


[8/14/2016 8:18:44 AM] x: Had a dream about the most awesome race in existence

[8/14/2016 8:19:26 AM] x: Flying through space and time with various powerups you can eat

[8/14/2016 8:19:37 AM] x: Not like a videogame either

[8/14/2016 8:19:43 AM] x: I was really there

[8/14/2016 8:19:58 AM] x: Lsd trip style landscapes

[8/14/2016 8:20:12 AM] x: Going super sanic speeds

[8/14/2016 8:20:49 AM] x: Tearing holes in the fabric of reality and flying through

[8/14/2016 8:21:20 AM] x: I actually broke my arm racing with a rival

[8/14/2016 8:22:30 AM] x: There was this gum that you could chew

[8/14/2016 8:22:46 AM] x: To make you go super fast

[8/14/2016 8:23:22 AM] x: And a white gum that heals you if you chew it and then stick it up your bum

[8/14/2016 8:26:22 AM] x: There was also this sorta triangle thing that you could hold for a limited boost

[8/14/2016 8:26:56 AM] y: Sanic race

[8/14/2016 8:27:14 AM] x: Yeah man

[8/14/2016 8:27:14 AM] y: x - Today 19:23

> And a white gum that heals you if you chew it and then stick it up your bum


[8/14/2016 8:27:27 AM] x: And I could fly like goku

[8/14/2016 8:27:35 AM] x: Heh yeah

[8/14/2016 8:29:01 AM] x: That was the coolest dream tho

[8/14/2016 8:29:35 AM] x: There were two races, in between was pretty mundane dream

[8/14/2016 8:29:58 AM] x: Driving, talking to a lady cop, going home…

[8/14/2016 8:30:41 AM] x: My arm broke so I had to recover a bit before the next race

[8/14/2016 8:30:49 AM] y: See your dream are nice like my dream too :3

[8/14/2016 8:31:08 AM] x: Yeah

[8/14/2016 8:32:17 AM] x: There was this bit where I was stuck in a black tunnel dead end

[8/14/2016 8:32:36 AM] x: There was a little ledge on a black cliff with itemsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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