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File: 1481697091308.png (16.62 KB, 450x450, 1:1, polsunwhite.png) ImgOps Google

531ca9 No.26080



Like everyone else here, I got tired of 8/pol/'s moderation being corrupt and incompetent. I decided to take matters into my own hands and created my own image board. It is solely for /pol/ and its related boards, and my goal for it is to be even better than 8/pol/ ever was. There is also dedicated boards for art, philosophy, archives, history, and off topic posts.

Also, although the name is "The National Socialist Image Board," it will by no means be a hugbox. I won't just delete threats that disagree with the norm and will encourage logical debate and discussion. Blatant shills or trolls will have their posts deleted, and posts with little merit at all might. It won't be a "no fun allowed zone" though. Jokes and stuff are fine as long as they're not detrimental to a thread. Also there is an off topic board where people shitpost as much as they want.

One of the biggest problems with 8/pol was the corrupt moderation. I won't have donations (unless I absolutely need to in the future) to make it difficult for me to be bribed, and will always be the sole admin. Any janitors and mods will have to go through a rigorous process and will be closely watched by me.

If you're worried about me being a shill or something, I can assure you I am the sole person with access to the server and am not being influenced by anyone else. If you're really worried, use the tor link (the fact that that's there should be proof enough). There's also no Google captcha or tracking Javascript or anything like that.

Sorry I didn't post here sooner, I actually forgot about this place lol. The thread on /polmeta/ got deleted and the endchan thread got spammed by schizos.

411077 No.26081


Also, should I post this on 8/pol/ or /polmeta/ or something?

531ca9 No.26082


Whatever, I did. It'll probably be deleted anyways.

aa597f No.26087

Sounds good OP, I'll check it out.

c6dcfe No.26090

File: 1481720293605.jpg (12.91 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1475448617125f00797a597fe1….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Looks like leftypol fucks found the place already. No matter, hopefully more of us migrate there and drown them out.

5342a1 No.26092

Is this hosted in ZOG country?

531ca9 No.26097


USA right? Yes.

56ae70 No.26108

Just so impressionable people don't get confused:

Polchan is an obvious Zionist honeypot. It's run by a shady character who locks and deletes threads based on some vague rule violation.

The "leader" of Polchan calls himself Führer, which is autistic. While he accuses me of being imkampfy, he acts in a very similar manner to him (warning, use proxy):


And like the 8kike crew, he also like to call himself and assets of his board after Third Reich terminology. Führer, imkampfy, Heil, etc. It has been noted elsewhere that jewish shills love to give themselves Third Reich or ancient or medieval inspired usernames, like Führer, Vercingtorix, Torquemada, etc.

Be very careful when using that site. I recommend staying away. Some discussion about it has already taken place at Endchan. Basically, if a site is loaded with Pepe, Kek, Trump, Putin, etc. worship, it's most likely a Zionist psyop.


0d314a No.26109


>he's a Zionist shill because he likes the third reich and actually moderates his board

You seen pretty ass blasted, and your thread was shit.

078e81 No.26114

File: 1481754674008.jpg (62.78 KB, 450x639, 50:71, 1384911965101.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Thank you anon. You are doin' God's work.

ad961f No.26123

Posting will be disabled for a while since I'm configuring stuff, sorry.

531ca9 No.26130


Okay, posting works now.

5c9e7e No.26146



I think it's important that polchan have a description for what it is on it's homepage, explaining the purpose of this site, and why it was made in the first place- and so on.

f7f68c No.26189


how many levels of sarc…

090247 No.26192


Kill yourself imkikey

b8618b No.26195


Wew. Looks like Imkikey's still assblasted people don't want his shitty moderation any more.

87cfad No.26224

File: 1482235641603.png (51.39 KB, 854x623, 122:89, 8chan.PNG) ImgOps Google


You do realise that making and sticking this thread will only make polchan's post quality worse?

You do realise that cuckchan rapefugees can find this place (pic related)

Do you want Polchan to be full of Bluepilled Trumpcucks, Facebook Frog posters, Plebbitors, and 4cucks as well?

Congratulations nigger, you have invited cuckchan rapefugees to the site,

7f2ebf No.26237


This ain't your safespace, faggot.

87cfad No.26252


Get back to >>>/cuckchan/, fucking newfaggot

By that logic, Why would it be a "safespace" if you don't want Mudslime Rapefugees and other undesirables who come to Europa.

It isn't my fault If I don't want normalfags to come.

>But we have to educate 4cuck newfags

The 4cucks are almost irreparable, There is no hope for them.

7fc0c9 No.26257



these two posts contradict each other. So did you change your mind and now see polchan as a honeypot, or are you just trolling from Freech

bb982c No.26269


df8542 No.26625


Fucking Fed GTFO.

Honeypot, don't click on the link.

0b94ea No.28119

is the board dead for anyone else?

6dd4bf No.28155


4chan /pol/tard here.

Just passing by to steal your pics

I see you too have this kind of cuck problem.

a46584 No.28193


Yeah, what happened?

421e48 No.28197

Godammit aryasone, wtf i dumped important stuff there

8pol is at 2400 users now, can you bring the site up please?

0b94ea No.28219




I've found out the site can still be accessed through tor.

also, aryasone is not replying on the site meta or through email.

a46584 No.28229


>I've found out the site can still be accessed through tor.

Thanks, and too bad, it might as well be a crypt since not many figured it out.

>also, aryasone is not replying on the site meta or through email.

Here's hoping his car didn't magically accelerate into a tree.

92372f No.28257



I will check, i need to download some stuff and archive some things, i dont know if archive will work over onion domains

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