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File: 1480337261912.png (143.62 KB, 1820x1080, 91:54, 1465105885529-1.png) ImgOps Google

7f2593 No.25508[View All]


So we already kwon that 8ch/pol/ finally went to absolute total shit, this is the bottom, inkapmshit and realkikeman went full retard mode banning everything valuable there.

This has been happening for some months but now the situation reached unsustainable levels last weeks.

Bumplocked Self-Improvement Threads

Bumplocked Red Pill Dump Threads

Bumplocked NatSoc Threads

Bumplocked Art Threads

Bumplocked Literature Threads


The narrative of the ((MODS)) is that there is no place to spoonfeed newfags, there are archives for that (polpol/polarchive), that everything is a "SLIDE TREAD", and anyone against this is /intl/ somehow, obvious and blatant kike bullshit.

Everyone expossing this was completly gassed, banned and all threads deleted, even all post by IP deleted, a literally "oyy veyy shut it down".

(pic related) also http://archive.is/nGnFT deleted last nigth.

There is no absolute valid or reasonable excuse to be against redpill dump and literature threads, the mask just fall down, they are full controlled opposition now and this is the final stage of the transformation, they dont want the influx of newfags to get redpilled after the elction.

Those fucking retards even make fun of anons complaining about unfair bans on the polmeta threads and the sudo threads.





We cannot allow us to lose the concentration of high-valuable/high-energy and the concentration of knowledge and interaction we had in the past.

We were contributing to dismantle the zog and spread the reddpill.

If we disband they win.

hardcore /pol/acks need to migrate to new grounds where free speech is valuable again.

Divided we fall, united we win..

Here we discuss our options to migrate, which options are honeypots, which are controled opossition or else.

I cant velive i am the one who had to make this thread

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b5ce82 No.25968

Just came here after about 4 months, the amount of degenerate "muh dikk" shilling for racemixing has become astonishing. Also people who I can only guess are from reddit and cuckchan posting and trading pornography on threads, and no one calling them out.

We have to do something about this shit. Where should I post meanwhile?

7e7636 No.25991



>goys don't go there it's compromised …i don't have proof though xD

I am pretty sure you're imcoonfy shilling in disguise

ad138c No.25999

File: 1481472613639.webm (1.29 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, e6736194b0eb2fd93be0004d4….webm) ImgOps Google


>Where should I post meanwhile?

>4cuck was subverted long ago

>8pol is subverted

>8ch.pl is shit

>endchan is shit

The userbase has been subverted and fragmented too much.

Your best bet is to use all the sites for news and communication with stragglers while trying to avoid subversion from the shills.

8a61bf No.26000

File: 1481473887521.jpg (5.46 KB, 192x120, 8:5, pedogod.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I've tried to fight back the wave of disinfo and just plain misinformed people over at reddit and it's pretty bad over there.

We have tons of people ready to gobble up information but we are in a severe drought of said good information. I know you can just say do your own research.. but this is what i'm asking.

What main points are the best at showing people this is more a clinton foundation/human trafficking movement and not a pizza parlor.

Also what facts are the most solid and hardest to debunk when it comes to clinton foundation or if any known pedophile organizations are closely linked to the CF or other similar shady groups.

>>I'm trying to condense pizzagate into a more fact based and concentrated investigation by steering the masses.

>>And I need help from smarter folks.

66e11d No.26013


nice trips, some dude said he was launching polchan.xyz on 22 on december, lets wait

4facd1 No.26034

File: 1481534053349-0.webm (6 MB, 854x480, 427:240, FIRST DEGREE RAPE (Hillar….webm) ImgOps Google

File: 1481534053349-1.jpg (1.48 MB, 800x4896, 25:153, Epstein summary.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


Luckily we can post images on tor here.


552212 No.26061

File: 1481625945700.png (137 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ZionistPoison.png) ImgOps Google

It was like mixing mark cuckerberg with /pol/

161cd0 No.26063

.net 8/pol/ is dead. Every single good thread is bumplocked. I've been called leftypol and ctr several times for questioning Trump's cabinet picks, and every thread is basically an MSM comments section.

This place is dead as fuck, endchan is full of /x/-tier masonfags, and who knows what happened to nextchan. I honestly go to DS for my news than I do 8ch now, that's how far its fallen.

fa8b0f No.26064



8cuck as a whole is subverted aswell

255a62 No.26083

9864aa No.26086

File: 1481705619027.jpg (34.5 KB, 454x319, 454:319, 4b15969b30c6f49f129acd7483….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google


>Maybe we should actually talk to the mods first what the fuck is going op lately?


>They won't risk losing their most important board with us packing our backs.

Yeah, no. The Mods don't communicate.

They have shown that they don't give a shit with banhappy bullshit and allowing shit threads while anchoring decent ones.

I don't recognize the place from July of 2015 to Dec 2016. I was ready to punch out in Dec 2015 - but there where no active alternatives.

3-5 years is the max lifecycle, so it's time.

ad09be No.26091


Yeah, the failed migration in late 2015 was definitely when it went downhill and it's been on a steady decline throughout 2016

d67980 No.26139

c68de0 No.26191

Where is pizzagate threads?

09277a No.26214

Endchan down for anyone else?

fffb61 No.26216

endchan is down for me too

1e5f0d No.26272


no 8 pol is worse then half pol when we left its time to go or you are a shill

857983 No.26275

File: 1482393889808.png (137.7 KB, 847x862, 847:862, comp.png) ImgOps Google

Got this bad boy for archiving a state of the board thread, and continuing discussion. Banned in under 15 minutes. Wasn't even the OP of the last thread, first 8ch ban ever (I hardly post, just lurk most of the time)

Threads wiped from catalog, not just anchored:



022397 No.26276


I'm the spenglercore poster. Honestly I don't even know if I got banned, because after all the braindead responses I got, I just left and I'm calling it quits on .net (aka "shitpol") for good. Hopefully the bunker provides quality discussion.

As an aside, can anyone explain why shitpol posters are saying this place is run by the internet illuminati? I honestly don't know who's jewing who anymore

90dca7 No.26301



4191cf No.26304


what's DS?

857983 No.26308


Not him, but assuming Daily Stormer.

edb416 No.26391

>2nd exodus in progress

>30 days ago

>19 users

It's the same on endchan & nextchan too, dead as shit. You would need more boards besides /pol/ (and I don't just mean /v/ & /b/) to want to move. The issue is the people on other boards seem to not give a fuck about /pol/ and like the BO's/staff they have for their boards.

e1cbaa No.26392


If you tolerate kektard morons here in Poland you're no better than the other place.

dbc33c No.26397

Endchan down for anyone else? Also imcoonfy is shilling heavily against TRS and NPI rn

703559 No.26398

Anyone know if 420chans pol is compromised?

9c8e00 No.26532


It's down for me. I just got banned for pointing out the obvious D&C of the anti-TRS bullshit.

14b3a2 No.26551

Where did everyone go?

8/pol/ has gone to shit, and all the other places I look are ghost towns.

25eebf No.26564


finally an active user. help?

61c821 No.26570

self-proclaimed nazis acting like petty tyrants?

i'm fucking shocked

de7072 No.26602

Ok, I'm here because the TRS v 8/pol/ fight is getting out of hand. Hopefully less drama here.

cef247 No.26608


At first I was pissed at TRS for shilling for Red Ice in that first thread, but calling on /baphomet/ and doing AntiFa's work is totally uncalled for. Fucking cancer and the mods keep adding fire to the flames.

382090 No.26609

Both endchan and polchan are run by Imkampfy. Be warned.

cef247 No.26610



382090 No.26611


>both BO's rampantly delete anything that ravages their incessant autism

>both have the exact same manner of grammar and syntax in posts

>endchan /pol/ got a new BO a couple days ago

I know that they're the same person. I don't have any proof yet that it's imkampfy but from the fact that he calls himself "Fuher" of polchan he seems autistic enough to be a /pol/ vol.

3983f5 No.26631


T@vistock controls these places and even creates limited hangout countercultures like the (((alt right))) they take real dissent and mutate it into useful idiocy.

Sometimes you see 4chaim threads titled "what conspiracies do you believe in" to fish for information and see if their narrative was working. The biggest thing ATS, GLP and the chans all have 1 thing jn common and thats gaslighting people who talk about falseflags.

136b27 No.26663

File: 1484014325776.png (169.51 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Screenshot 2017-01-09 20:4….png) ImgOps Google


Refugee reporting in. Just got permabanned by Imkampfy for complaining about the constant D&C kike astroturfing and TRS doxxing.

0663e5 No.26667


That place is such a shitshow now.

0663e5 No.26668


>gaslighting people who talk about falseflags

Could you elaborate?

01d2b0 No.26669

3fbad3 No.26685

Another /pol/fugee here. I had bookmarked a very useful list of /pol/ books a while ago and this is the message on the front-page of it now:

[8-Jan update] 8pol is kill (shills/mods), see you on endchan and 8ch.pl


e5b86b No.26687

Just got banned for one month for making a thread about the decline of the japanese society. Guess I should've mentioned trump or jews in some way. Even 4chan's pol is in better state right now.

aa0765 No.26693


so where the fuck do we go? exodus after exodus. plebbit tries to man up and gets banned ( /european or /pizzagate).

We get loss after loss….We need to up our game otherwise we are fucked. They are certainly upping THEIRS.

Sad thing is that I am a skilless faggot who is just waiting for a saviour to pull some golden move and offer us some safe and free space free of all attacks.

What the fuck can I/ WE do?

I just know that we must stop taking losses. Shit is critical right now.

b8a93c No.26712

File: 1484268676173.png (520.75 KB, 507x359, 507:359, kek.PNG) ImgOps Google

as with all russian -russian allies…

87af24 No.26716


Fear not. We won't stop people from making /pol/ literature threads here.

7f2593 No.28198


fuck this shit, the page is down

d414c1 No.28199

Slow exodus…

87af24 No.28212


The original Exodus took 40 years.

Moses was 80 when he came before Pharaoh (Exodus 7:7) and he died a bit before Israel went into Canaan at the age of 120 (Deuteronomy 34:7).

10f8ad No.28355


7288cf No.28432


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