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Militaires Sans Frontières


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Outer Heaven - the Soldier's Paradise

Purpose: to provide 1 small place in the world for you, me, and our Diamond Dog brothers and sisters

Rules: adult content should be posted behind spoiler images. General chat should be kept to the serial thread.

Serial: The Officer's Club will be the recurring thread for general discussion and small-talk.

Settings: In the upper right corner, [Options] will allow you to change your settings including theme (under General,

Theme tab is for inputting your own custom themes)

Contact: the owner, Big Boss, may be reached at Discord ID AJ#2033.

I won't scatter your ashes to the heartless sea…

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post cp lol ok?

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What'll it be, troop?


File: 1487302052787.png (Spoiler Image, 107.34 KB, 1498x1600, 749:800, FOXHOUND_Logo.png) ImgOps Google


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