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Rantings of a crazed stalker bitch.


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Dwarfcunty the alcoholic retard subhuman.
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0f2b9c No.7[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is the quarantine to contain Dwarf shitposting in until she finally offs herself and is then forgotten.

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abc6c1 No.837

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157217 No.840[Reply]

Hey Dwarf can I be your boyfriend? I have a fetish for being dominated by useless women who do absolutely nothing worthwhile with their life and just burn through my money and use me.

cd828f No.841

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You guys are a tough crowd. lol

cd828f No.843

Fyi, No.

157217 No.845


Really? You don't want me to send you money and things so you can throw it in the garbage and virtue signal what a non-materialist little whore you are? You don't want an opportunity to have everything just handed to you because you have a vagina between your legs? Well that's quite something. I guess men are so worthless to you, you'd rather just have no interactions with them at all, maybe if I put on a catsuit you'd like me. I could be your cat, you lonely cat lady.

157217 No.846

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and fyi this is a real fetish


Women just like you Dwarf. Women that are fat, useless, and disgusting; but who are none the less worshiped by betas like me that let you step all over them.

ee47b5 No.844[Reply]

I hope that the poster who keeps bumping threads with "this goes up now" ect. jumps off a bridge.

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4d44c4 No.835[Reply]

I think malty and his peeps were talking to a smiley impersonator. This impostor riled them up and now they are on s witch hunt and out for blood.

000000 No.839


4d44c4 No.842

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454cbc No.812[Reply]

>Headed to Berkeley to disrupt the neo Nazo/ white Supremacist jerk circle today. Nervous af but determined to bring back 100 nazi scalps

Posted by antifacunty.

f3f2fb No.816

I am not antifa.

454cbc No.818


>hates Germans

>hates the Rich

>claims to be beyond ideology / to not have an ideology

>is a rebel for the establishment

>jew apologetics

>disrupts white nationalist discussion boards

>rampant drug abuse

>fat and disgusting used up roastie

You are an antifa. In every possible way.

f3f2fb No.838

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shit you say isn't true but you won't listen.

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9b17fb No.836[Reply]

malty's skype username is jsmayo

2c563a No.833[Reply]

Suffocation no breathing.

2c563a No.834

Crawling in my skinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn these wounds they will not heallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll fearrrrrrrr issssssssssss how I crawlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll deludinggggggggggggggggggggg what isssssssssssss realllllllllllllllllllllll

a0da8e No.817[Reply]

Who here gonna visit Dwarfcunty's home?

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00a07a No.828



>getting trolled this hard

ayy lmao wasting police time

a40840 No.829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah. Whatever, kid.

a0da8e No.830


*slap slap*

a40840 No.831


*slap slap*? There's no reason for this page to exist. Doxxing, blackmail, threats of harm, injury and death are unacceptable. Lines have been crossed. Take this any further and this becomes a case.

00a07a No.832


A case of being a massive lolcow.

efefe7 No.823[Reply]


Dwarfcunty's secret jewtube channel.

t. knower

87a07a No.546[Reply]

Ay yo this is the dude who dwarf sucked off for stuff. I heard ya'all white bois are bullying her. Well time to worship some big black cock.

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f5a44f No.801

Why can't dwarfcunty stop fucking big nigger bucks?

3188db No.809


she is a nigger heh

f5a44f No.811



3188db No.821


That's why she sucked one off for malt liqueur heh

3188db No.822

The rich are oppressing you, so let me suck your sBC

>t. derf

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d754b1 No.702[Reply]


d754b1 No.722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a16571 No.820

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9005d2 No.806[Reply]

Love means kill btw.

9005d2 No.819

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811613 No.791[Reply]

Leave dwarf alone! She a good girl and dindunuffin! I want to marry her! Dwarf do you love me? I am in your state. I know where you live. Want me in your arms? heh

0eeae9 No.802

No but thank you. You're a kind white knight and I appreciate the fedora tip!

194c7e No.804


Dwarfcunty, you gonna get loved anyways tonight, prepare yourself.


194c7e No.813

>when white knights never get any pussy

0eeae9 No.814

My doxx being posted aren't an invitation.

811613 No.815


You know what happens when someone dies?

They check the most immediate connections. Family, friends, lovers.

I'm nobody though. You can report my post, it's just a proxy. Heh.

Life wasn't an invitation either. Yet it was forced on you.

Your hamsas can't protect you from the loving.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bb8536 No.698[Reply]

how does a dwarf get made? why she like dis?

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c2df5f No.787


Oh yeah, you're not a thot, you'd have to actually be hot to be a thot, which you are not. You're just pathetic used up old hag cat lady.

24ebc2 No.788


Your existence is an abomination. You would make anything you cling onto terrible by association. No movement would ever want you. No society would ever benefit by you. You're beyond useless. It will be a mercy killing. You know it.

8ae50f No.794



Haha! My dad said to show him this page. I'll show him later. Fuck you guys. I was never apart of any movement or wanted to be. I'm not into politics. The only movements I make are bowel movements.

c2df5f No.808


t. antifacunty

c2df5f No.810

What is with antifas like Dwarfcunty always saying they're "beyond ideology" and "not part of a movement" as if there horseshit was somehow "non-ideological"? Fucking leftist cancer.

c708d2 No.675[Reply]

Where did this lynch mob come from?3

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cd8c24 No.784


>implying you have friends

c708d2 No.797


Honestly. My personal life is none of your business and you can get fucked. >>784

Yeah. I do actually. I have a life outside this digital hellscape.

cd8c24 No.803


Dwarfcunty lying like usual. You never go outside and you just spend every day and night on dead imageboards, watching them all the fucking time, and spamming them.

fd4332 No.805


don't forget drinking laddo

fd4332 No.807


I will claim dis flag

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