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What would a legitimste response by Trump as prssident be?

"Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you," Schumer told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

"So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he's being really dumb to do this."


How should a democratically elected government deal with an unelected deep state leaking lies to preclude any possibility of rapprochement with Russia because their budgets depend on conflict and having an existential enemy.

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Should I drop more smiley bombshells?

Can you guys help me decide.

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the cheese of truth has spoken

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Adam Ruins Everything - Why People Think Video Games Are Just for Boys

This retard seriously thinks that women who play Candy Crush are an 'untapped market' for hardcore games. No, not really. Women play Candy Crush and its clones and don't want to play much else (on average).

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Would the Spiritual, Soulful Sound of Rhythm and Blues Boy Band Boyz II Men Be Allowed In a White Nationalist Society?

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guysss my baaann on channn

i cant take this anymore

this place is too slow

help meeeeeee

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Finland BTFO

(But seriously, the Finns are such good sports, taking his shit like that jej)

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honestly, would you fug a snug sleeping smug?

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After Government Threatens Fines, Facebook Will Test Out Fake News Filtering in Germany

In December, German lawmakers announced plans to introduce a bill that would fine Facebook 500,000 euros (or about $535,000) for not removing fake news posts within 24 hours. On Sunday, the Financial Times reported that the company will be testing its fake news filtering system in—you guessed it—Germany!

Facebook announced in December that it was building a way for users to report fake news on the site—now it seems the country will be one of the first places to try it out. In an email to Gizmodo, the company said it began testing a similar filter in the United States a month ago.


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>2016 porn trends

>literally every age group except the millennials are hardcore cucks

Anyone surprised by this?

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Trump vows ‘insurance for everybody’ in Obamacare replacement plan

President-elect Donald Trump said in a weekend interview that he is nearing completion of a plan to replace President Obama’s signature health-care law with the goal of “insurance for everybody,” while also vowing to force drug companies to negotiate directly with the government on prices in Medicare and Medicaid.


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Dear Alt-Kike TRSodomite Trumpcucks, /pol/ will never be Alt-Kike.



Meet the Jews in Donald Trump's Inner Circle


Top Jewish Donors Prominent on Trump Inauguration Committee


Trump's Transition Team includes Jews and Pro-Israel Zionists


Trump's Top 4 Contenders for Secretary of State have Strong Pro-Israel Records


Jewish Billionaire Paul Singer now supporting Donald Trump


Trump names Jewish Billionaire Carl Icahn as Special Adviser


Israeli-Born Oracle CEO Safra Catz joins Trump Transition Team


Trump names Jewish Banker Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary


Trump names Jewish Billionaire Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary


Trump names Jewish Goldman Sachs Executive Gary Cohn as NEC Director


Trump nominates Orthodox Jew David Friedman as U.S. Ambassador to Israel


Trump considering Jewish Billionaire Henry Kravis for Treasury Secretary


Trump names Jewish Campaign Strategist Stephen Miller as Senior White House Adviser


Trump names Jewish Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman as Chair of Business Advisory Team


Trump names Orthodox Jew Jason Greenblatt Representative for International Negotiations


Is Jared Kushner the 'Court Jew' of Donald Trump's Realm?


Son-in-Law Jared Kushner poised to wield Clout in Trump Presidency


In Trump's Orbit, Jewish Son-in-Law expected to stay a Power Center


Jared Kushner may work around Nepotism Rules by giving Trump Unpaid Advice


Is Jared Kushner on the Verge of becoming Donald Trump's 'De Facto President'?


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I keep having dreams were I become a FBI informant

anyone else?

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endchan /pol/ or .net/pol/

who moar /pol/

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Would Indians be allowed in a WN society?

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What will you lads be doing on Inauguration Day? I think I'll tune into ABC with a coupla beerlies and edge all night to their salt. The US election may or may not have given me a sadism fetish…

Getting sick of Malcolm Turnbull shill for 'free trade', tbh (which, yet again, leftists out themselves as the globalist pieces of shit that they are; they love our lolberg PM just because he kisses Chink ass). And the ABC defending the deep state that is the CIA. And them mentioning nobodies that are 'protesting the inauguration and refusing to accept Trump as a legal President'.

F a k e n e w s








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vaporwave, 70s/80s/90s pop music, and anime music thread

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superior religion

>create your own religion (only free americans can do dis, sorry europoors) where you get 101 virgins in heaven (pisslam btfo) + a bunch of other cool shit

>religion only applies to (You)

>hot dog bunless discordians mad jellly

>flying spaghetti btfo

>yahweh/moshiach btfo

>out chaos'd the chaos geeks


>false prophet

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Ask a guy who spent like a good portion of his day hanging out with a tulpa anything. It was highly satisfactory btw. I'll come back to read and respond to your posts later… maybe… I tried to also go through a portal today but there was some issues and after the third attempt I damaged my soul a bit so I stopped. I maybe will try again another time. I have attained freedom and happiness and likely will never have a worry again. Feels ascended, man.

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tfw to fast for computers

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daily reminder :)

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Would Krull, a World Light-Years Beyond Your Imagination, Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?

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is /4chon/ experiencing electromagnetic harassment?

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Gavin posted an article about that Jewish troll who claimed to be the creator of the many Ben Garrison edits posted on 4chon.net

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why is the INCEL phenomena at its most potent in non-scarcity environments?

(HS, college, post-industrial affluent/trendy, metropol)

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Reminder that kero-chan is love.

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we should turn Louis-Ferdinand Céline (WHITE and REDPILLED author of critically acclaimed books) into a 4chon claimed meme b4 the aut-right inevitably does so

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>consistently have dreams about meeting cute gurls and having a good time with them

>they always end up missing halfway thru the dream

>i regret not keeping contact with the missing gurl

>recently had a dream where i finally ask the dream gurl for her number

>excited af

>she gives me a fake 555 number



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Would getting mauled by wolves be accepted in a WN society?

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Final Boss of the Looshnet

Who the fuck doesn't bully the wizard anymore?

>/v9k/ is ganging up on him, he used to find refuge there

>/pol/ thinks he's jewish and attacks him for it

>on /fringe/ he is attacked by tons of jealous people shouting "bullshit occultist" and other things

>on /ask/ he gets daily threads bullying him, which he deletes

>/4chon/ hates him

>for some reason there's posting about him on /egy/

>/sudo/ hates him

>/tech/ hates him and keeps talking about his alienware

>he doesn't get on Skype anymore and is probably in hiding right now

Does he really deserve all this? What is it about him that causes everyone to universally hate him? Is he just secretly a master troll who took his own trolling so seriously he turned it into a religion and way of life and we're all idiots feeding him loosh?

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Animal rights activists claim major win in Ringling Bros. closing

The move came as circuses and animal-performance shows across the country have struggled with declining attendance and shifting social pressure brought to bear by activists who argued the animals were sometimes poorly treated. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus removed elephants from its performances last May, and the company said ticket sales then dropped drastically. The company had long battled animal rights activists in costly court skirmishes — winning a $15.75 million judgment against them in 2015 — but apparently lost the larger fight over public opinion.

“IT’S OVER,” actress and animal rights advocate Pamela Anderson posted to her 1.07 million Twitter followers.

PETA, which has crusaded against animal treatment, lauded the decision and said the trend should accelerate. “All other animal circuses, roadside zoos, and wild animal exhibitors, including marine amusement parks like SeaWorld and the Miami Seaquarium, must take note: Society has changed, eyes have been opened, people know now who these animals are, and we know it is wrong to capture and exploit them.”


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BREAKING: Trump says he will appoint his son-in-law Jared Kushner as the mediator in the Middle East peace process


Kushner-McMahon-Thiel gaining power by the minute

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War, sooner than you expect

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>so anon…. what do you do for fun?

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>come to /4chon/

>hide every single post one by one


bye nerds

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>this is the future we avoided

makes me almost tear up tbqh lads

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feels thread

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sports is like artificial fascism if u think rly hard 'bout it

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Lay it, lay it down, let me see your hand

Show me what you got

You're always talking, but you're not playing

It doesn't match your face

Gotta find my way, away from this place

Can you take me now

I-I want it, I want it real

Are you afraid of me now?

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Is /4chon/ getting attacked by the Knights of the Lambda Calculus?

R: 22 / I: 10 / P: 4

Is this where all the 4chon buddies went? I tried the other /4chon/ but it was… weird, like a post-post-/new/, and it made me uncomfortable. The posts here feel more familiar and /r9k/-tier. These days I spend most of my imageboard time on Krautchan but I've never forgotten 4chon ;_; (also wtf is up with all these flags)

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>tfw never watched anime a dayin my life

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 4

still hasnt gotten old

>when u suddenly remember that TRUMP is finna be POTUS and u have a giant creepy grin on your face


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if we define disease independently of statistics just as a condition where one experiences greater difficulty or less ability then sexual desire is by definition a dis-ease. it is a nuisance, vulnerability, impediment to emotional and behavioral control, and leads to riskier behavior. now one could say but what about the survival of the species? well that is an issue independent of disease, disease is about the condition that effects the individual.

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Here’s How Trump Can Force An End To Sanctuary Cities


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I love when parents leave their goofy autistic children in my store in a desperate attempt to make their loud irreverent muttering and clicking noises someone else's problem for a few precious half-hour increments. Thanks; it's not like I get enough of that from my adult clientele lmoa

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Serbia Leader Accuses Kosovo of ‘Wanting War’


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>This is #America. At a sports store outside of Charleston.

wtf is hunting t. liberal that never goes outside

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 4

>tfw after all of these months i still dont know wtf drumpf even means

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shit just got real

CIA head John Brennan warns Trump to watch his tongue


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Goodnight /4chon/

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'This is my vehicle, sir': Shocking moment black Northwestern University PhD student is beaten and cuffed when cops refuse to believe he owns the Chevy he's driving

wtf his hands were up smh tbh fam #riot


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Have you taken the bog pill yet, mateys?

It's a tough pill to swallow! The bog pill was founded in 1999 by the Bogdanoff brothers, who present the attached image.

Forget red and blue pills, bog pills are the way of the future.

Picture related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the bog pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the real deal.

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Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor


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do u think Murders and FBI informants are aroused sexually by what they do just a little bit

i mean they do their job all day

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alt englis

getin too smart for english. why waste time typing shit right- all u need is the bare essentials so people can understan wat u typin

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Oh vey not the Batteries


>Navy and Marine Corps brass, accompanied by green energy executives, showcased the energy-harnessing knee braces and other innovations at a renewable energy demonstration at Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base, one of many such events that have taken place at military bases across the country as part of the Defense Department's unprecedented shift away from fossil fuels under the Obama administration. The Pentagon has invested millions over the past decade into everything from hybrid electric ships to wind turbines.

>While a growing number of military leaders have declared global warming a national security threat, the strategy clashes with President-elect Donald Trump's vow to end policies that "undermine" fossil fuel producers. Trump has a chosen a Cabinet with climate change skeptics, though his pick for defense secretary, retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, has advocated green technology to curtail risky fuel-supply runs for troops in conflict zones.

>Military leaders say alternative energy makes warriors more agile and effective on today's battlefields.

>At the recent demonstrations, a Marine wore knee braces with tiny generators that transformed the energy he produced from walking to recharge batteries. The technology allows troops to generate their own power for as long as three days. The event also featured a M777 howitzer and a drone that use solar power.

>Rising sea levels threaten Navy bases worldwide, and it would be "shortsighted" for the military not to address climate change, Bryan said.

>The most contentious initiative has been the purchase of biofuel for ships. Critics say while ships may leave port with a biofuel mix, they still must rely on foreign oil in many places near battlefields and the plant-based fuel has become more expensive than traditional fuel.

> According to a 2015 report from the Government Accountability Office, Congress' research arm, the Pentagon paid $58.6 million for 2 million gallons of alternative fuel from 2007 to 2014, or about $29 per gallon. At the same time, it spent $107.2 billion for 32 billion gallons of petroleum, paying about $3 per gallon.

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Thread 1/5


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too intelligent feels

>tfw too intelligent for /4chon/ so migrated to some other boards and realized I was too intelligent for them too when the natives started worshiping me as their white god after showcasing my supreme intellect that they only just barely had the intellectual capacities themselves to even begin to appreciate

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How do I improve my gut health?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 5


>Los Pepes, a name derived from the Spanish phrase "Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar" ("Persecuted by Pablo Escobar"), was a short-lived vigilante group composed of enemies of drug lord Pablo Escobar. They waged a small-scale war against Escobar's Medellín Cartel in the early 1990s, which ended in 1993 with Escobar's death.

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Liberal Feline, have you ever read the Farseer trilogy?

After seeing that pic of how GRRM ripped it off, and reading some synopses, I'm curious.

Is it a good trilogy? Is Hobb a better writer?

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Would the Post-Danzig era Misfits (Jerry Only, Michale Graves, and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein) Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?

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>tfw only feel alive during happenings

who knows dat feel

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 5

wud the sopranos be allowed in a wn society

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I remember my father telling me i was becoming an "ignoramus" when I was i think 10 because i didn't want to spend all day with my nose stuck in a book.

Upon asking questions as a child he would direct me to read a university level chemistry textbook.

I was constantly reminded that i didn't know anything.

Interest was rebuffed with comments of pointlessness then i was scorned about having no hobbies.

Isolated physically, discouraged from sex and girls.

Gifted with intelligence that just warped into autism and neuroticism.

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do you think butchers get off from what they do? even just a little bit. i mean, it's a sensual act to butcher meat.

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>Evolution is just a theory

t. tiny minority of right-wingers

>Evolution stops at the neck, everything else is just hateful, right-wing theories

t. most leftists

I wish both of these people would get together, and jump off a building. After all, we can't see gravity, we can only measure it. And we can't see evolution, we can only measure it. If gravity is 'just' a theory, after all, then you shouldn't become pavement goo.

Also, another way you can tell it's not 'just a hateful right-wing theory' is if you go to /pol/ - see how many ACTUAL self-identified racists say that people like Jared Taylor are 'cucks' for stating Asians/Ashkenazi Jews have a higher average IQ.

R: 40 / I: 8 / P: 6

whats your honest to god opinion on varg and his political developments?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6

Would Feature-Length Films Employing a Predominantly White Cast and Portraying a White Cultural Environment Be Allowed in a Current Yeartionalist Society?

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 6

>when tv was still good

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 6

Name a better finale.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 6

>tfw no rainbowbutt mousepad

y even live fam?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 6

Another thread 2 hide

R: 43 / I: 2 / P: 6


>not being a sneaky neet

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 6

>come to /4chon

>hide every thread


all day erry day

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VICE: Pony Nationalism and the Furred Reich: Inside the Alt-Furry's Online Zoo


Does it come as a surprise that the alt-right would identify themselves with beasts?

By now Pepe the frog, grotesque comic muse and focal point of widespread "meme magic," has become something of a household name. But a closer look at the alt-right reveals conservative animals of all stripes, a veritable zoo of foxes and wolves, mythical creatures and pastel-colored ponies led by a furry Trump, cast as an extremely smug-looking anthropomorphized lion.

Personally I was baffled by the contradictions within a movement which preaches tolerance for fursuits and "yiffing" (furry sex), but which rails against Islam and Black Lives Matter. I also worried that I’d be offering the furry alt-right a free pass, by inviting them to explain themselves. Still, this unlikely faction goes some way to explaining absurdities of the broader movement, which—for all its gross-out humor and ragged edges—appears to be gaining mainstream credibility.

I spoke to several members of alt-furry and the brony right in Twitter DMs to get a clearer picture of the movement. In offline life, BroniesForTrump/@GWSSDelta is an accountant living in the state of Delaware. Online, he’s a right wing brony and a member of a chat group called the Horse Reich.

I found myself hoping that @GWSSDelta was not serious, when he wrote, on voting for Trump, “I just wanted to make sure bronies have a place in Richard Spencer’s ethnostate.”

“Alt-furry is not anything new at all—it’s a phenomenon which predates the name,” @TheQuQu told me, listing other wings of the alt-right the furries get along with including “the PaulTown wing of the alt-right, the alt-bronies, right-libertarians, nationalists, and even ancaps (anarcho-capitalists) and Randian objectivists.” As with all of the alt-furries/alt-bronies I spoke to, he is male, American (“but of European descent”), and disarmingly well spoken.

However alt-furries have clashed with parts of the alt-right, including religious members who “view the rejection of the form of man as idolatry or subversion of god’s will,” and label furry fandom as a form of degeneracy.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6

le religiously skeptical marsupial on the holocaust

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 6

young nu-males wearing timbs is the funniest f*cking thing ever to me holy shit

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Bernie Sanders’s claim that ‘36,000 people will die yearly’ if Obamacare is repealed

“As Republicans try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they should be reminded every day that 36,000 people will die yearly as a result.”

How is this number calculated and is it credible?

For context, more than 2.6 million people died in the United States in 2015, or nearly 7,200 per day. So Sanders is suggesting repeal of the law would increase the number of deaths by 1.4 percent.

Sanders obtained the figure of 36,000 from a calculation by ThinkProgress, a left-leaning website, according to his aides. Essentially, ThinkProgress assumed that repeal will result in 29.8 million people losing their insurance and that one person will die for every 830 people who lose their insurance. That yields a number of 35,903.

So this is an estimate based on two other estimates. How credible are the other two estimates?


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Thank you demi-chan!

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 7




…..), —.(_(__) /

….// (..) ), —-"






send this REVOLVER FLAG to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a 7 ure A TRUE SOLAR MAN

t. 🅱️️ulius E🅱️️ola

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 7

Mexico warns Trump on tariffs: We'll respond 'immediately'

"It's very clear that we have to be prepared to immediately be able to neutralize the impact of a measure of that nature," economy minister Ildefonso Guajardo said Friday on a Mexican news show.

Guajardo also predicted that Trump's threat of a 35% tariff against Mexico, if carried out, would result in a "global recession" because it would inhibit companies from producing outside the U.S.

"It would be a problem for the entire world," Guajardo warned. A Trump tariff "will have a wave of impacts that can take us into a global recession," Guajardo said, speaking in Spanish.

In recent weeks, Trump has zeroed in on companies manufacturing in Mexico and selling products in the United States, threatening them with a "major border tax" of 35%.


R: 15 / I: 0 / P: 7

le spiritual crisis

>tfw want to be an orthodox/catholic christian but i know its regressive af in the worst of ways

>also u pretty much have to be racially greek/russian/spic to join thos churches


R: 11 / I: 1 / P: 7

Hitler was a horrible monster.

Is it even worth debating?

He was a failure as a leader and a human being; this is universally accepted.

Why even discuss the actions of this mad demagogue?

I mean, think about it… the guy rises to a position of absolute power, with (arguably) the most powerful army in Europe.

He's Blitzkrieging all over the place, Churchill is trying to appease his demands to avoid a full-out war, he's essentially unstoppable: and then comes the horror of the Holocaust.

What kind of demonic possesion would cause a man in his position to use his power to practically wipe out the jewish people and culture in Germany?

The final death toll was estimated at 4-6 million jews, despite the -years- in power that they could have been executing the Jewish people.

The death toll could have been much, much higher.

Hitler was a disgrace to the human race, more a monster than man.

Even discussing his actions, despite his motives, is an affront to all that is pure and good.

The most unfortunate thing is that he took his own life before the proper punishment could be bestowed on him for his terrible failure.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7

is this movie worth watching

R: 20 / I: 0 / P: 7

getting a gf is fairly easy, the eternal question is: what do you do after you achieve getting a gf?

vid unrelated

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 7

would pro-white goth weightlifters be allowed in a wn society

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 7

Belgium BTFO @ 0:16

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 7

Poland welcomes thousands of US troops in NATO show of force

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo welcomed US troops to her country at a formal ceremony Saturday, saying it was a "great day" that would help ensure Poland's security.

Some 4,000 US soldiers have been deployed as part of troop rotations to Europe that the Pentagon has said are intended to bolster ties with NATO allies and send a clear message to Russia.


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 7

if semites united…. they would 🐝 unstoppable

the goy/unbeliever fears the United Semite Empire

R: 21 / I: 5 / P: 7

Cleansing of the web

A string of anti right and holocaust websites will be taken offline today at various times, 14-88

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 7

wut do?

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 7

why do i have feels i dont want to have?

R: 25 / I: 6 / P: 7

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, fellow insufferable nerds!


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8


I was doin some Jenkem and I accidently got some poop water in my mouth. It wasn't even my poop. Any advice from somone with jenkem experience on how to avoid this or on jenkem in general would be greatly appreciated.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

i just want to destroy everything tbh.

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 8

ive got a kilo of creatine sitting around that ive never used b4, finna use it right now with my protonz shake

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 8

Goodnight /4chon/

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8

srsly good video on mlk, i watch this once per year

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8

holy shit how could one man possibly be so based

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 8

Protesters shut down Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Davis

A speech by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos' at UC Davis was over before it even started Friday after protests erupted, forcing sponsors to cancel the event.

Thirty minutes before the Breitbart tech editor was scheduled to speak, the UC Davis College Republicans canceled the controversial talk after consulting with the university's police department and student affairs officials.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8

Monkey Trouble!

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

i like to hold my mouse over the flags cause they spin around and its kinda fun

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 8

Join the Redwatch

If you are against Marxism and its followers, proceed to http://www.redwatch.org.uk/indexx.html or your local branch.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

wut did msnbc mean by dis

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8

Was Hitler the world's true leader?

Do White women put out enough?

Will racist artificial intelligence save the h'white race?

Where da weed @?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 8

"The working-class protagonist of Jack London's Martin Eden (1909) embarks on a path of self-learning to win the affections of Ruth, a member of cultured society. By the end of the novel, Eden has surpassed the intellect of the bourgeois class, leading him to a state of indifference and, ultimately, suicide."

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 8

8CHAN Army

8chan should build an army of users that can be used to target enemies with DoS,DOX,XSS,SQL attacks and conquer regions of the net using fear.

R: 27 / I: 9 / P: 8

Goodnight /4chon/

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

GOP's Go-Slow 'Rescue Mission' Plan To Replace Obamacare

As their first major act of the new Congress, Republicans rushed approval of a budget resolution this week that sets up a framework for repealing Obamacare, but what exactly to replace it with is still a puzzle Republicans are piecing together.

And it could take a while.


R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 9

Israel should be irradiated entirely tbh.

R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 9

>tfw cock in one hand alcohol on the other

Im ready for the weekend!!

R: 20 / I: 5 / P: 9


is 4chon being electronically harassed?

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 9

Wew lads to be honest wew lad

WEWING 2bh ladsssssssssssssssssss

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White Nationalists' Enthusiasm For Trump Cools

Next week, white nationalists like Jared Taylor will celebrate a moment they've been waiting decades to see, when Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Members of the white nationalist movement were among the first to embrace Trump's candidacy, and they celebrated after his election.

"Jan. 20 reflects a significant defeat for egalitarian orthodoxy," Taylor says.

Taylor promotes a very different orthodoxy, one in which race is central to innate abilities and national success. He is working to build a United States explicitly for white people. Trump arguably helps this by telling supporters that they're the victims of a system rigged against them.

"I see Donald Trump as a kind of steppingstone. He is a step in the right direction in terms of understanding America and history and the world in essentially racial terms," Taylor says.

But white nationalist enthusiasm for Trump has fallen off substantially. Since the election, the so-called alt-right has splintered, and the movement now looks a lot less potent than it once appeared.


R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 9


who /kikeshill/ here?

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 9

Trump suggests he would be open to lifting sanctions on Russia

President-elect Donald Trump suggested Friday he is open to lifting sanctions on Russia, though he plans to keep them for "at least a period of time."

He told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Friday evening that he might do away with them if Russia helps the US battle terrorists or with other goals important to the US. The sanctions were implemented by the Obama administration last month in response to alleged Russian hacking during the election.

"If you get along and if Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody's doing some really great things?" he said in the interview.

Trump's remarks to the Wall Street Journal come after CNN reported classified documents presented to President Barack Obama and Trump included allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Trump. He has vehemently denied the allegations.

Speaking to the Journal, Trump said he's prepared to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin after he takes office.

"I understand that they would like to meet, and that's absolutely fine with me," he said.

When asked about China – specifically if he supported the US "One China" policy on Taiwan, which says the province is part of China – Trump responded, "Everything is under negotiation, including One China."


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Donations Pour In to Band From Black College That Will Play at Inauguration

The Talladega College Marching Tornadoes band took a lot of heat in the last few weeks for agreeing to perform in Donald J. Trump’s inaugural parade. But on Friday the band learned that political heat can also be quite lucrative.

Talladega, a small, historically black college in Alabama, had been struggling to raise the $75,000 to send the band to Washington for the Jan. 20 inauguration.

But after the college’s president, Billy C. Hawkins, appeared Thursday on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, describing how their choice had been criticized by many, donations from the show’s largely conservative audience flooded in.

The band, which had raised about $50,000 on its GoFundMe page before Mr. Hawkins’s appearance on Fox, took in more than $333,000 by Friday evening.

“Some alumni have come at me pretty hard; they don’t want the band to participate and say I am a disgrace to my race,” Mr. Hawkins told host Bill O’Reilly. “But this is about the students having an opportunity to participate in this national ceremony.”

A number of artists, including prominent African-Americans, have said they would not perform at the inauguration of a president who built his political career leading the birther movement against President Obama, and on the campaign trail refused to disavow white supremacist supporters.

No other historically black colleges are participating in the Trump inaugural events, and the Talladega band had been condemned in the African-American community and by many of the school’s alumni.

But donors, giving mostly between $5 and $20, applauded the students’ courage and independence.

“Ignore the hatred!” a woman who gave $100 said on the GoFundMe page. “Enjoy one of the greatest moments YOUR COUNTRY has to offer. Safe travels and GOD BLESS you all!!!”


R: 13 / I: 2 / P: 9

Looking for a book to help resist Trump? Try this gay immigrant Muslim furry romance


R: 18 / I: 5 / P: 9

thinking about getting a job over @ g*tnews.com

convince me not to

R: 25 / I: 3 / P: 9


I have been noticing a trend on all the boards of 8chan, and even other chan websites. which you should be typing in the address as https

that there are tons of data gathering threads disguised as "I'm bored so whats all your info".

here are a few examples of data gathering threads. you don't think they are building a profile on you? this is disgusting.

>how much money is in your bank account



>"would you possibly pick the underage girl?"



>what did you dream about last night



>inb4 "it's just a dream"

it may reveal something about you. to the spooks and shitheads, that's data.

>what's the biggest secret you have



>what do you think about jews?



>what will you be remembered by?



>what is your gender identity?



>any perverted anons here?



>perverts report in!



>psychopaths, do you know any? are you one?



>Have you ever thought about robbing a bank /b/?

>And If so, how would you do it?



>what is your full first name and the first letter of your last name?



Big warning here. some anons suggested lying to these threads. DO NOT LIE IN ANY WAY THAT CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU.

do not tell lies that may be dangerous, or about fictional crimes to these bad people even if they are totally fabricated.

keep in mind even lies may hold small pieces of the truth.

also, why are we letting these data miners shit up the board, the whole website?

there is some severe spook bastard level shill spy FISHING going on here. I hope none of you are stupid enough to give them anything

thread archive



R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 9

How do I improve my life?

Dump information & links to stuff, I promise to soak it all up

>pic unrelated, looking at right wing t-shirt site as i eat my dinner tbh

R: 22 / I: 1 / P: 9

>tfw when this song came out all of my friends were talking about how great it was and how it was about killing hipsters

>tfw i didnt like it at the time

>tfw now i realize its an incel-rage song and @ the time it came out i had a gf so it didnt click with me

makes me think

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 10

I suffer from-a crippling-a depression and-a I want-a to kill-a myself!

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

>get into work at my second job

>hang my jacket up and turn around

>within seconds this ridiculously chubby mouse waddles by me less than a foot away, slow rolling it like he couldn't give a fr*ck

>other employees all know about him, he walks right up to people and none of them give a rat's ass either, he's like the store mascot

If only the health inspector could see us now.

R: 6 / I: 5 / P: 10

nouveau meme: la grenouille rouge

R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 10

orangutan outlook > gorilla mindset

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

…and that's why i really like traditionalism.

cause it's all about opening books and reading words out of them,

👏 the 👏 thing 👏 i 👏 do 👏 all 👏 day 👏

R: 7 / I: 8 / P: 10

♥Why can't boys like this go to my school?♥

R: 29 / I: 6 / P: 10

ITT: we guess the Zodiac Sign of various 4chon personalities

I'll start

HDV is a Capricorn

Hamster is a Scorpio

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 10

me listening to this song and thinkign of philosophy that will surpass hegel/kant/nietzsche

R: 18 / I: 1 / P: 10


>Saalfelden wants someone to live in their 350-year-old hermitage

hey smiley, i found you a job bro

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 10

>it's 2017 and Obongo is so irrelevant he doesn't have his own flag

My work here is done.

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 10

We are transitioning out of an age in which all groups fought to prove who is the most pozzed and accepting of mudshit immigrants to an age where everybody, whatever their differences, will be fighting to prove they will crackdown as hard as possible on mudshit immigration.

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 10


R: 11 / I: 0 / P: 10

Watch and Listen -

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 10

Push to Protect ‘Dreamers’ From Trump Gains New GOP Supporters

A group of House Republicans is pushing President-elect Donald Trump to keep in place Obama administration protections for about 750,000 young illegal immigrants, joining with Democrats on legislation to extend a shield on their deportations for another three years.

The legislation, introduced Friday, is a companion to a Senate measure advanced by Democrat Dick Durbin of Illinois and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Both bills signal bipartisan unrest over Trump’s campaign pledge to reverse President Barack Obama’s executive orders on deportations, which include protections for young adults brought to the U.S. by their parents when they were children.

While Trump has since said he wants to deport criminals who are illegal immigrants and has promised some solution for the younger immigrants known as “Dreamers,” he’s provided no specifics about his intentions.

“The time to act on this is now,” Representative Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican, said of the proposed extension. “This sends a strong message not just to our leadership but to the incoming administration.”

He was joined by two Florida Republicans – Ileana Ros Lehtinen and Carlos Curbelo – on legislation also led by Democrats who seek aid for the immigrants, including Luis Gutierrez of Illinois. All three of the Republicans are from House districts that have heavy concentrations of Latino voters and they all overcame re-election challenges where they had to contend with Trump’s campaign promises on immigration. Trump’s pledges included building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and returning 11 million undocumented immigrants to their home countries.

Fingerprints and Addresses

The young immigrants at issue provided information including fingerprints and relatives’ home addresses when they applied for protection under the president’s 2012 executive order, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. They received renewable, two-year work permits and Social Security cards as part of the program.

Obama took his action after Congress stalled for years on legislation called the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, which would have provided a path to legal status.

Supporters of the young immigrants are concerned that the information they gave to the government could be used to expel them from the U.S. under a Trump administration. Trump has said since the election that his chief intention is to deport criminals, which he estimates to be about 3 million of the illegal immigrant population.

At a CNN town hall Thursday night, House Speaker Paul Ryan said there are no plans for a “deportation force” after Trump is inaugurated. He also said there are ongoing talks between congressional leaders and Trump’s transition team on an appropriate policy for the young immigrants, adding that all sides want a “good, humane solution.”

Curbelo said the support for the legislation runs deep in the House, if Republican leaders were to take the unlikely step of putting it to a vote. Most House Democrats support it, and he said he estimates that at least 60 Republicans would back it.

“There are many, many Republicans and Democrats in this Congress who want to do right by these young people,” he said.


R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 11

Its been a rough week, so on that note i officially declare it Friday.

Have a nice weekend.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

AT&T (T) could spin off cable news channel CNN as part of concessions to get Trump administration approval of its Time Warner (TWX) acquisition, speculates a Wells Fargo analyst.

AT&T, through a spokesman, declined to comment on any possible CNN spinoff.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson met with President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday. AT&T issued a statement saying the pair did not discuss the telecom giant's proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner. Trump and Stephenson discussed job growth, the phone company's capital spending and other economic topics, AT&T said.

Trump voiced opposition to the $85 billion deal while campaigning, but he has not stated his position publicly since the election.

"While we expect there likely will be concessions (possibly a CNN spinoff, and continued infrastructure investment by AT&T), from a legal standpoint, we note that if denied this deal would be precedent setting given the fact that no vertical merger in the TMT space has been denied," Wells Fargo analyst Jennifer Fritzsche said in a research report. "While most mergers result in major head count reduction, we do not believe this will be the case with Time Warner/AT&T given there is very little overlap in the core business and expertise."

Trump has feuded with Time Warner's CNN, and on Thursday he retweeted criticism of the cable channel over its political coverage.

Stephenson on Dec. 7 appeared at a hearing held by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on antitrust, competition policy and consumer rights.

Stephenson said AT&T's purchase of Time Warner would be good for consumers and competition, and would spark innovation. Stephenson also said: "Finally, a word about CNN. We are committed to continuing the editorial independence of CNN. That independence is what makes CNN so popular and valuable, and we will not do anything to change that."

The U.S. Department of Justice will review the AT&T-Time Warner merger. It could also face a review by the Federal Communications Commission, though AT&T has contended that the agency's approval likely will not be required.

AT&T stock slipped 5 cents to 40.96 in the stock market today.

Time Warner stock rose 0.31% to 94.14. The media giant's stock has gained since Trump's election win, but it still trades below AT&T's 107.50-per-share offer, a sign investors aren't sure the deal will be approved.

With the Time Warner deal, AT&T aims to leapfrog rival Verizon Communications (VZ), which has agreed to buy web portal Yahoo (YHOO) and which bought AOL last year.


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 11

wud frats 🐝 allowed in a wn society

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11

Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening"

WASHINGTON – Congressional Republicans are working with the Trump transition team on a solution for immigrants brought illegally to this country as kids, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday.

Hundreds of thousands of these immigrants gained temporary protections and work permits from President Obama. While campaigning for president, Donald Trump promised to undo those protections, putting the immigrants at risk of deportation, although he said last month he hoped to “work something out” to help them.

Ryan didn’t detail what Congress and Mr. Trump would do about the program, called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. But when questioned on a CNN town hall by a woman who identified herself as a DACA recipient with a young daughter, Ryan told her he did not want to see her deported.

“I can see you love your daughter, you are a nice person who has a great future ahead of you, and I hope your future is here,” Ryan said.

“What we have to do is find a way to make sure that you can get right with the law, and we’ve got to do this in a good way so that the rug doesn’t get pulled out from under you and your family gets separated.”

Host Jake Tapper pointed out that Mr. Trump, during the campaign, promised a “deportation force” to round up the more than 11 million immigrants in the country illegally. Ryan dismissed that idea.

“I’m here to tell you in Congress, it’s not happening.”

Instead, Ryan said Mr. Trump has asked lawmakers to focus on two priorities with respect to illegal immigration: securing the border and deporting immigrants who are violent, repeat criminals.

House GOP lawmakers and aides have also said recently they’re working on how to pay for border security to make good on Mr. Trump’s promise of building a wall on the border with Mexico, although at least initially taxpayers would foot the bill - not Mexico, as Mr. Trump promised.

DACA has extended work permits and temporary deportation relief to more than 700,000 immigrants brought illegally to this country as youths since its creation in 2012. Mr. Trump has said it and other Obama executive actions are unconstitutional, since they involved going around Congress, a position Ryan repeated Thursday.

DACA permits need to be renewed every two years, so Mr. Trump could cancel out the program over time by ordering agencies to stop processing new applications and renewals. There is high anxiety in immigrant communities about what he will do.

“We have to figure out how to have a humane solution to this very legitimate, sincere problem and respect the rule of law,” Ryan said.


R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 11

Imagine you're eating an apple.

This seems like a simple "event", you, the subject, are eating, verbing, the apple, the object.

There's two things, you and the apple, and the verb "eating" quickly tells us who's the boss owing to the laws of syntax. But if we try to define these things we quickly run into some difficulties:

Where's the "cut off" for the apple, as in, where does it end and begin? In our day to day dealings, using geometrical space containing a majority of transparent oxygen is a convenient measure for demarcating objects. So the apple ends at the green skin, and the bite mark. However, this is obviously just a pragmatic and intuitive short hand at the macro (molar) level. Surely we can find a more "objective" edge by zooming in to this edge and drawing up a line. As we zoom in to the edge of the apple, though, a nice clear line doesn't reveal itself, the edge rather, like a fractal, becomes more and more ambiguous. We discover that other things are eating the apple too, that the skin is porous, that chemical reactions are exploding off it, we find that our bodies (hands), are effortlessly transferring energy in the form of heat into the apple, which is causing other imperceptible (at the macro level) chemical shifts (and this heat is being caused by our own digestive systems digesting the apple). Now we are "zoomed in" these tiny transformations in the apple are huge. Around the bite mark there's even saliva, containing our DNA, bubbling and transforming the sugars in the apple and reacting with the acid, with particles flaking off and floating through the air in a cloud being sucked up through our noses, so even "where does the eating begin and end" is beginning to get blurry…

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 11

Elliot Rodger Documentary released

Please dispose of popcorn in the proper receptacles

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 11

Assange agrees to extradition if US releases whistleblower


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will agree to be extradited to the United States if President Barack Obama grants clemency to the former US soldier Chelsea Manning, jailed for leaking documents, the company said on Thursday.

"If Obama grants Manning clemency Assange will agree to US extradition despite clear unconstitutionality of DoJ (US Department of Justice) case," WikiLeaks wrote on Twitter.

Assange has been living in the Ecuadoran embassy in London since June 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden to face sexual assault allegations.

The Australian former computer hacker said he fears Stockholm will in turn extradite him to the US, where he angered Washington over WikiLeaks' publication of thousands of US military and diplomatic documents leaked by former US soldier Manning.

Manning is currently serving a 35-year sentence in solitary confinement for handing over the 700,000 sensitive documents from the US State Department.

Supporters of the transgender soldier are putting their hopes in a pardon by Obama before he leaves office later this month, although the White House has said the president will not be granting her clemency.

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 11

The far-left Reddit subs banned catgirls today.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 11


what did they mean by this

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 11

me the Anarch

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 11

Legal & Historical Justification For Race War/Genocide

When the jews push palestinians off of their land they have bullshit legal agreements, treaties, etc. to do it right and give them the justification.

When we did the same thing to Native North Americans we had similar shit.

When many nations such as Germany wanted to expand their borders, they did it on the basis of German people living or having lived historically in those areas.

Always there is some historical and legal justifications used for genocide.

What kind of narrative can we manufacture to use ourselves to kill off our racial enemies in our lands? So we can take regain control of our nations and expel the mud races?

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 11


R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 11



There were two unclaimed explosions in Damascus overnight Thursday and early Friday (Jan.12-13) – one at an officers club in Damascus and the second at Mezzeh airport, which Syria alleged was the work of the new Israeli S-35 stealth aircraft firing across the border from a point over the Sea of Galilee.

Tehran, having grasped from bitter experience that Mezzeh is under close surveillance by Israeli intelligence, no longer uses its facilities. Instead Iran flies arms shipments for Hizballah to Beirut by commercial aircraft, which Israel prefers not to attack, or overland through Iraq to northwestern Syria, where the consignments are picked up and transferred to Lebanon by sea.

So if an Israeli F-35 air strike on the Damascus airport should be confirmed, its target would not have been Iranian and Hizballah military supplies. Mezzeh is the site of a sterile zone set aside for the exclusive use of President Bashar Assad, his family and his top military and intelligence chiefs. It also houses laboratories for developing and manufacturing unconventional weapons, as well serving as the main command center for the 4th Division, whose Republican Guard unit protects the president, his family and members of the ruling caste.

In the first attack, a suicide bomber blew himself up Thursday night at the officers’ club in the heavily policed Kafra Sousa district of Damascus. At least ten people were killed and dozens injured. Located there are the homes of many Assad loyalists in the security and military establishments, as well as top secret facilities.

The ability of a suicide bomber to penetrate one of the most heavily secured locations in Damascus and blow up at an exclusive regime watering hole raises questions about the inner workings of the Assad regime.

Some unknown hand struck into the heart of that regime in the space of a few hours – not once, but twice.The Assad regime used its standard scapegoat, Israel, for covering up embarrassing and inexplicable occurrences.

In an attempt to pierce the resulting aura of mistrust spreading over the staunch Iranian-Syrian alliance, Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran and one of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s closest confidants, was sent to Damascus Sunday, Jan 8, to find out what is going on there

R: 8 / I: 1 / P: 12

>both graduated from highschool at 14

>both can speak over 5 different languages

>both have PhD's

>influential figures since the late 70's

>one of them own a castle

>wrote a consistent thesis about what happened during the first 10^-43 second of the universe

>still popular figures in the current year thanks to their faces (it was part of their master plan)

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 12

I'm gathering together 1500-1600 Anons from /4chon/ in order to form a co-operative Association for labour, entertainment, and social living.

If you're interested leave your email

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 12

Are Brazilian sex slaves going to be allowed in alt right paradise?

R: 20 / I: 8 / P: 12

first time posty

banned from 4chan nice site u have there guys


idk really tell me about yourselves

also how can i unban myself geez really i dont wanna wait a month ooo weee

R: 24 / I: 1 / P: 12


R: 7 / I: 1 / P: 12

Which 4chonner would be the best to hang out with IRL

my answer would be HDV, seems like an intelligent guy

Liberal feline has that god awful fetish

Smiley is a cry baby

phantasm is an arse bandit

are there other tripfags here?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12

I'm considering on switching from a major e-mail provider to an @startmail.com for their privacy features and I can get a decent one with firstname.lastname@startmail.com.

Anyone had experience with it too? I used their 7 day trial and it was pretty useful, let me use aliases and shit too.

R: 17 / I: 5 / P: 12

How do I stop my parents from perpetually keeping me in the role of a child? I'm 24 and they still treat me like I'm an 8 year old, except I often see 8 year olds who have more independence, respect, and freedom than me. They embarrass me over & over and never fuck off and I can not have any life with them perpetually fucking everything up. If this keeps going I will never be respected, never have a gf, never have friends, and will just be looked at as some overgrown manchild. I dream of killing them or running away but these things are not realistic. I don't see a way out except maybe find a job that takes me far away and the job provides housing and Internet and all that stuff, letting me post on boards like this in my downtime, while working the rest of the time.

(pic is because I don't have any pics on this computer)

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 12

>tfw being a good boy

R: 16 / I: 2 / P: 12

any time a girl calls me daddy i throw up in my mouth

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 12

how long before the trump memes die? In my opinion they're the lowest form of humour and are complete cancer

pic unrelated, I couldn't be bothered to download a different pic

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 12

requesting a 'self proclaimed visionary nigger' flag

could be this pic

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 12


these hours that belong to the night

R: 5 / I: 2 / P: 12

>tfw everyone posting on 4chon.co

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 13

>come to 4chon

>hide every thread


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

now we cant blame niggers for our problems

end of an era

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 13

did liberals nickname trump "he who must not be named" around ~2015 or am i tripping w/ false memories

i feel like this was a meme they tried to push but it fell flat so they moved onto other sh*t

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 13

daily reminder that we are soon to be under a McMahon-Thiel-Kushner controlled government

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13

all me

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 13

Boots recalled after swastikas discovered on soles

A military-style Polar Fox boot is being recalled after a Reddit user discovered the soles of the shoe leave a swastika-like mark on the ground.

"There was an angle I didn't get to see when ordering my new work boots," the user wrote. Reddit users rattled off numerous puns after seeing the symbol.

"Very comfortable. Nein out of ten," wrote one user.

"This is das boot for me," wrote another.


R: 10 / I: 0 / P: 13

What will fashion look like in 2017?

R: 19 / I: 6 / P: 13

Manlets are alpha males and consistently change the world one way or another, prove me wrong you faggots:

>Napoleon Bonaparte. 1.68m or 5'7 in degenerate metrics

>Vladimir Putin. 1.7m or 5'7 in degenerate metrics

>Martin Luther King, Jr. 1.69m or 5'7 in degenerate metrics

>Bruce lee 1.71m or 5'7 in degenerate metrics

>Winston Churchill 1.67m or 5'7 in degenerate metrics

>Frodo Baggins i dont fucking know but hes pretty fucking tiny m

>Aristotle 1.65m or 5'5 in degenerate metrics

>And Isaac mother-fucking Newton 1.67m or 5'6 in degenerate metrics

Just to name a jew… i mean few.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13

bruh deez gope be stealing da black mans culture in 2017 😭😭😭

R: 6 / I: 0 / P: 13


i was l*terally about to post an 888 post last week about how i thought (celebs singing i will survive in retaliation to drumpf) would eventually happen

and it actually happened


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 13

Would the Tragic Tale of the Extremely Tanned White Man Known as 'Zyzz' Be Posthumously Told in a White Nationalist Society?

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 13

>60°F and sunny today

>full moon tonight

>getting that stir crazy feel

>been extremely depressed lately because winter

>get that little burst of life just from the weather change

>have stuff to work on tonight, nothing fun to really do anyway

>can't even write a proper feelsy shitpost

>no forechan

FML fam

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 13

ure in the kali yuga and this n*gguh (whom just downloaded photoshop) walks up to ure gf and grabs her by the puccy

wat do

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 13

>you ever try and write the bible? I'm not quite up to the task

>tfw physicsgirl never e-mails you back

R: 26 / I: 7 / P: 14

If my country could have fake imageboard created pissing on face scandals with my Prime Minister to show the MSM for the cretins that they are, I would be soooo happy…

R: 8 / I: 0 / P: 14

The new Moon Lizards currently assigned to our shadow gov sure have an interesting sense of humour

R: 6 / I: 5 / P: 14

post yfw you realize cuckmonkey has been shilling /new/ for several weeks and its post rate by PPH is still 10x slower than /4chon/'s

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 14


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14


trs is so bad that it even ruined one of my favorite movies wtf smh tbh fam

R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

Do you guys ever forget for a few hours that DJ Diggy Donut TRUMP is finna be POTUS because you are busy thinkign 'bout other sh*t

den u suddenly remember and u start laffin

R: 4 / I: 2 / P: 14

Stop bullying Milo Stewart

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 14

Soros Lost Nearly $1 Billion After Trump Election, WSJ Reports


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 14

Goodnight /4chon/

R: 8 / I: 2 / P: 14

jesus fucking christ babies can die from anything. how the fuck is the baby supposed to sleep if I don't want it to turn into a goblin retarded monkey?


you turn around for one second and it's the difference between a theoretical physicist and an autistic meme spouter

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 14

imagine being israeli and not having khazar tiddies already in your life

smh tbh fam

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 14

ruined by the reactionary wave

How do you study maths while a frog-god dissolves the world order?

R: 6 / I: 2 / P: 14

Conservatives really are better looking, research says

feels gud n*gguhs


R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 14

>tfw u havent has a single meaningful relationship in your life

smh tbh fam

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 15

Drone Swarm target #1: North Korea


Meanwhile the leadership out in Pacific Command (PACOM) anxiously awaits of the arrival of the Zumwalt-class destroyers to the Western Pacific, where the ship is being slated for patrols off the North Korean coast to help curtail that country’s aggressive missile plans.

Above all, the multi-function radar must properly manage the radar’s resources to direct or redirect its RF energy as well as receive and process signals to predict the courses of enemy missiles, track and illuminate targets and guide weapons fired from its own ship. The radar searches and analyzes return reflections, computes bearings and courses, predicts where a target will be based on data and algorithms – and then adjusts or readjusts based on missile trajectory, speed and other attributes. Speedier missiles require speedier processing.

Such engineering kinks are to be expected, says Adm. Harry Harris, PACOM commander. The important thing is that the ship is making its way toward the West Pacific.

The Zumwalts, he says, will make PACOM’s forces more lethal. The ship’s 155-mm Advanced Guy System and other attributes make it just the kind of platform needed to confront the North Korean threat, he says. “There’s no more immediate threat.”


>Building: 1

>Planned: 32

>Completed: 2

>Cancelled: 29

Into North Korea it goes!


The Navy is expanding the mission portfolio of its emerging submarine-hunting drone ship so that it can conduct surface warfare missions, fire weapons and launch electronic attacks, service developers said.

The Pentagon’s research arm is also extending testing of its sub-hunting drone able to travel autonomously for up to 90 days using sensors and sonar technology to search for enemy submarines and other airborne and undersea threats such as mines.

Picking up the quiet hum of a battery-powered, ==diesel-electric== submarine in busy coastal waters is “like trying to identify the sound of a single car engine in the din of a major city,” Rear Adm. Frank Drennan, commander of the Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command, stated on the Leidos website.


In a recent demonstration that took place in the lower Chesapeake Bay, a swarm of rigid-hull inflatable boats, or RHIBs, and other small boats were takes with performing patrol missions autonomously, with remote human direction but no direct supervision, according to a news release from the Office of Naval Research.

During the demonstration, officials highlighted new capabilities that allow multiple boats to collaborate and take on tasks together, as well as features that further develop the boats’ behaviors and tactics. The swarm of surface boats were allowed to patrol a large area of open water, according to the release. When unknown ships entered the area, the group of boats would task one of the patrol boats with approaching the ship, quickly classify it as harmless or a potential threat, and communicate with the other boats to track the vessel as it continued onward, if it was determined necessary to do so, officials said.

All the while, the unmanned boats were providing updates to a remote human supervisor.

“This technology allows unmanned Navy ships to overwhelm an adversary,” Cmdr. Luis Molina, military deputy for ONR’s Sea Warfare and Weapons Dept, said in a statement.“ Its sensors and software enable swarming capability, giving naval warfighters a decisive edge.”

The boats may next be tasked with taking on dangerous missions that would have previously risked the lives of human warfighters, according to the release.

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Daily Fed thread


We balloon as fk

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Major Stratfor Predictions 2017


Latin America

A Make or Break Year for Venezuela:

>Some political unrest is all but unavoidable. As the threat of default looms, Venezuela's currency will likely further weaken, driving inflation even higher than it is now. (Inflation is high because the government cut exports to keep making its debt payments.) The ruling party will try to contain unrest through security crackdowns and through increased control of the nation's food distribution networks.But the fate of the government rests in the hands of the armed forces. So far, the various factions of the government, including the armed forces, have presented a mostly united front against the political opposition. But there is dissension in the ranks; some factions are inclined to hold on to power as long as possible. If Caracas defaults on its debt, the government would initially band together to tighten internal security, but its cohesion would be tested by the intensity and duration of the ensuing unrest. If factions of the armed forces believe siding with the government threatens their power, they may have to reconsider where their loyalty lies.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Instability in Somalia:

>In 2017, the security environment will be even more fragile as AMISOM struggles to maintain its current troop levels, let alone increase them. And its fragility will give al Shabaab even more room to acquire territory and to pressure the international mission.

Ethiopian Unrest:

>The Ethiopian government will apply heavy-handed security measures to try to contain unrest, but it will be unable to do so among the marginalized ethnic groups in the countryside. There is therefore a possibility for the lightly armed opposition to cohere and upgrade to bigger weapons.

Middle East and North Africa

A Test for U.S.-Iran Relations:

>2017 will test the durability of U.S.-Iranian relations. The new U.S. government is expected to be less tolerant of what it sees as Iranian aggression — naval harassment and ballistic missile testing, for example — even if it does not directly infringe on the nuclear deal. Strong U.S. responses to such aggression would, from Iran's point of view, be a violation of the agreement, but Iran can be expected to challenge the agreement only if the United States does first. (Russia stands to benefit from U.S.-Iranian tensions.)

The State of the Islamic State:

>More resourceful grassroots terrorists that do not have to rely on extensive networks and capabilities will be the bigger threat from Islamic State in 2017, especially for the West.

Israel Emboldened:

>But 2017 will also present Israel with a variety of challenges. To its north, it will have to contend with Hezbollah, arguably more powerful and experienced than it has been in years. Worried about Hezbollah's military strength, cognizant that it will have a window of opportunity, and unencumbered by Washington's reproach, Israel is likely to intensify its operations in Syria and Lebanon in an attempt to weaken Hezbollah

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makes u think

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Sticky pls, HDV

Strap in, my dudes. It's Trump's first press conference in 6 months. They're talking about the Russia shitflinging now.

He's gonna reference Buzzfeed.

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Would Dairy Cows Be Allowed in a White Nationalist Society?

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Help HDV, we have an unruly negro posting loud and obnoxious music and spamming the board…my safe space has been breached!!11!

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Let's write a letter to Amy schumer one word at a time

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Former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, 'terrified for his safety' and went to ground before name released


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nominating kero-chan as mascot

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I wrote up a big personal post but decided not to post it, because I'm somewhat drunk and it might be a bad idea. I'll look it over when I wake up and see if I have second thoughts.

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Oregon woman evicted from senior housing for $328 in late rent freezes to death in parking garage

Karen Batts, 52, died from hypothermia Saturday in the Smart Park parking garage in Portland, Oregon, homeless over $338 in delinquent rent. Batts is the second person to freeze to death, alone, on Portland’s streets in 2017.

Police were called to 730 SW 10th Avenue on Saturday afternoon because of reports that a woman was in the parking garage removing her clothes.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, hypothermia victims will often frantically remove clothing as the condition worsens because nerve damage can cause them to feel very hot, like they are on fire.

Batts had been living at a building for seniors and people with disabilities managed by Cascade Management, Inc. and Northwest Housing Alternatives, LLC, designed to be affordable for persons of limited means, until October, when she was evicted.

Multnomah County court records say Batts was evicted October 14 for being at least seven days late with the $338 rent for August — she was sent a 72-hour notice on September 9 warning her of the balance she owed. Building managers sued to evict Batts when she had not paid by October 6, and won by default when she did not show up for the hearing on October 14.

The executive director of one of the companies which manages the building, Martha McLennan of Northwest Housing Alternatives, told a reporter for local KATU-TV news that Batts had been a tenant since 2007 and had undergone a “change” of late. McLennan said “there were a variety of lease violations that were either damage of property or late payments, also incidents against staff and other tenants.”


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Top U.S. spy chief says it's possible Russia could plant child porn on American computers

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made his comments during a hearing into Russian cyber attacks during the US election

During the hearing, held by the Senate Intelligence Committee, Clapper said he believes Russia is still engaged in cyber operations

He said he's confident that Russia hacked DNC emails and believes the country has tried to influence a 'couple of dozen' elections in different countries

He also said he 'wouldn't put it past' Russia to plant child porn on computers belonging to US citizens


All they have to do is wait a couple years, tops, when the left normalises pedophilia, and they won't have to be concerned!

>Economy improving

>aesthetics and right wing optimism back

>the left still finna start a Cold War and using Russia as a boogeyman at every turn even though we avoided doomsday

Guys, I only want about 80% of the 80s back. I'd like to keep today's tech and not be nuclearly annihilated.